2004 RSVR Factory Street/ Track

almost 6 years ago
2004 RSVR Factory Street/ Track
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Santa Cruz

13K miles and counting. Ohlins front and rear with lots of tasty carbon bits. Rip snortin, ass handing, V-Twin power that is addictive as hell. Powers off corners like a locomotive. Traction for days and rock solid stable. This chassis is amazing and very precise.
Think its time. I have worked very hard on this bike from the beginning when I picked it up as a second owner in Irvine CA. from Spectrum Motorsports where Amauri worked at the time in 2006 of September. Bike had 3,550 miles on it completely stock until I got a hold of it.
Before taking it away Amauri and his team installed a heavier rear spring, galfer wave rotors and updated swingarm.
Began doing track days in 2010. Rode the track with it in different iterations up until how you see it now in track mode. Still have all stock stuff and will put it on before selling. I go back and forth. Did 8 track days in 2010 and since then only two. Last weekend at Thunderhill in Willows. Before going I installed a Motion Pro Revolver Quick Turn Throttle.
Also that weekend I met Scott Russel. He pitted next to us and it was awesome to hang out with him! He was doing some private coaching along with Ken Hill. At the end of the weekend he autographed my track bodywork under the brake lever. What an awesome guy. Personable and fun as hell. Took some of the local AFM women racers out for a two up and they came back stunned. Classic.
I use Rock Oil Full Syn exclusively. And treat my bike like a fine Italian Sexy Seductress. It acts like one sometimes as well. Always wanting attention or to be ridden hard.
Ohlins 25mm kit installed by Super Plush Suspension (Dave Sidall). Since then Dave Moss has rebuilt the forks with lighter oil. Magic. Handling at high speeds is nothing short of amazing. Very well balanced. And I am no slouch on the track.
Leo Vince Full Ti Big Pipe Exhaust
Amauri did the flywheel mod and removed O2 sensor after exhaust installed
Mapped and dynoed by Ricky Corey (#1 AFM)
Robby Moto Rearsets. Shifts like butter
Motion Pro Revolver (4 cams for different throttle rates)
SBS Carbon pads
All connectors, sensors, etc. updated.
Stock tank swelled so its been replaced and also installed a newer fuel pump. At that time I replaced the stock hoses inside.
Evo Air Box
Renthal Clip Ons
Brembo Billet Clutch Master with folding lever
Motul RBF600 hydraulic fluids
Dynojet tension style quick shifter
R&G Frame Sliders (only fit with track bodywork)
Sharkskinz track bodywork
AFAM sprockets (16/44) and latest and greatest D.I.D. chain. Top of the line.
Oil Tank Brazed by Noel
Low Temp Thermostat
Mercedes Engine Case Oil Drain Plug with Hex Head and Magnetic!
The Bad:
Been down once. Lowside at T-Hill. Stock shifter scratched frame. No other damage aside from a bent stock clip on. Tossed those for Renthals.
Exhaust burned hole in stock lower. had to cut a hole. Looks like shit and it breaks my heart. but I really didnt have a choice.
Dont have DOT tires. Just NTEC slicks for track and NTEC cut slicks I was running for street duty. Nice to have racer friends with a tire groover.
Cant think of much else aside from minor scratches here and there as it is a older bike.
I have invested alot like everyone else but dont expect to get it back. Just the way it goes. Asking price is $8,000.00 and that is negotiable.
Flame me on my price and I'll fly to your house and coat your porch with generic motor oil. OK, not really but I have seen alot of retaliation on prices around here so come on guys. Go easy on me. This bike is very well setup and worth every penny. I am in no rush to sell. I can ship the bike but honestly would like you to see it in person.