2000 FXDX SuperGlide Sport Rifle Roadster C&C 4,100 Miles

about 5 years ago
2000 FXDX SuperGlide Sport Rifle Roadster C&C 4,100 Miles
Harley Davidson
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New Braunfels, Texas

I am considering selling my 2000 Harley Davidson Superglide sport. The bike has 4,100 original miles on it and still has the original tires on it. I bought the bike from a older gentleman who had a slight disability regarding his leg. He had tried to make it into a cruiser bike by adding a chrome highway bar, forward controls, floor boards, windshield, mini apes, etc..... This bike was not intended for that so I bought it and started making it into what it is supposed to be, a Sport Cruiser.
I have been thru 2 overpriced rental home leases and am tired of trying to rent homes based on where I can have a garage to work on and store my bikes. This bike took me forever to find and I have never seen one with this low of miles EVER. I hate to even consider selling it , but I am gonna have to buy me a permanent place very soon and I will worry about another bike then. This bike will need a few things done to make it 100% complete to my standards, you may be happy with it the way it is.
All receipts and build pics are available and will be posted here. All parts are new and have no miles on them whatsoever. The engine has 800 miles on it since the S&S Gear Drive 510 cams were installed. Engine is carbed and the CV carb is fresh HD parts and jetting specs will be listed. Engine runs great and starts as soon as you hit the button, with a solid idle and great power.
List of NEW parts on Front End
Biltwell Black Tracker Handlebars
J&P Cycles 8 1/2 Risers with Gardner WestCott Riser Bolts (Socket Cap Style)
J&P Riser bushing eliminators
Joker Machine Headlight Mount, Custom Mounted to fit Rifle Roadster Fairing
Harley Davidson Frenched Headlight Bezel
Rifle Roadster Fairing Color Matched, with 15 Inch Smoke Screen
New Black Throttle and Clutch Cables to fit the extended Risers
New Kuryakyn Black ISO grips with Black Iso Throttle Boss will be included in package.
J&P Fork Boots (Black)
I planned on having the lowers powder Coated Black so I bought all new seals, bushings, and upper fork legs from Harley Davidson ( Over $400 ) in parts that will be included. Its doesnt need these parts, but that is just how I do my builds. You can resell them, or use them as tere is no reason for a fork overhaul at 4k miles anyway.
I will include the Harley Davidson Cafe Fender as shown in the pic, it is very rare and just about impossible to find ($300) You will also get the mint condition Black OEM fender as well.
That covers the front end I think.....Moving on to the rear of the bike.
New C&C fastback Seat in Mercedes Textured Vinyl ($300)
New Leather Pro FXDXT Retro Saddlebags that use ONLY 2 Docking points (Much Cleaner than Stock FXDXT bags as it eliminates the rear fender latch that the OEM bags needed)
Low Rider fender installed (goes with LeatherPro Saddle bags)with custom Stainless Hardware to allow for a 160 tire to fit in the fender without any protrusions in the fender well. The rear fender and front fender will require painting.
Engine....Stock 88 incher with 4100 miles on it, 800 of those are with very mild S&S gear drive Cams installed, so no worries about the cam chain tensioners.
Stock CV Carb built by me (certified motorcycle tech for 20 years)
Specs..Going off memory here but wrote down in notes with receipts
N65C Sportster Needle,48 Pilot,195 Main, Float Height set in middle of Specs,Drilled Slide
Screamin Eagle Backplate, KN filter, Stock Football cover
Thunderheader Black Exhaust installed when the Cams were done.
New Stock Spark Plugs installed
All fluids changed with maybe 10 miles on it to date.
Burly MX Style foot pegs installed with Stainless Hardware. ( Mid Controls)
Highway pegs will be included but not installed.
New Wrinkle Black OEM Horn Cover installed. You will need to finish removing the wires for the aux horn that previous owner had installed. I never got around to doing that, and was waiting to install my Wrinkle Black Dash insert (Included) on the tank, but never got around to it.
Tank Paint is immaculate.
I will post up whatever pics I already have showing as much detail as possible, but I am 13 hrs away from the bike now and am listing this from where I am at work. I will do whatever I can to assist in possible delivery options, or pickup options, ( previous long distance bike sale and delivery reference may be available) but due to the distance between me and the bike we will need to be certain that this bike is for you before I make the drive. We will discuss those details when we get to that point.
Price-$10750 Firm
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