2000 Ninja EX250

9 months ago
Harley Davidson
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Daly City

hey barfers,
i have a 2000 EX250 Ninja for sale that i have owned for about a year. i'm selling it because i bought it for my girlfriend so she could learn to ride, but in reality, it's been sitting for a decent chunk of the year i owned it. it been ridden approximately 600 miles or so in my possession (odometer reads 6881 as of earlier today). it also has a CLEAN TITLE
there are a few things to note:
It has been dropped once in my possession, but not by me personally, a person knocked it over along with my other bike in broad daylight. it resulted in some road rash on the engine and some bent handlebars which i replaced afterwards.
it was parked outside and under a cover, and being in daly city, fog has started to rust some parts of the bike, including the chain (i do clean and lube it every few weeks, but its not enough to keep it sparkling)
there is a small idling issue. the RPMs will dip when idling occasionally, but give it a little gas and it will go back to idle rpm. it doesn't happen all the time, but since i'm a mechanical idiot, i'd rather not spend the time trying to fix it.
All in all, the bike still runs and rides, and it's a great beginner bike for the next rider who is willing to take it!
Asking $1500 for it OBO. if interested, send me a PM.