2005 / 2006 GSXR 1000 Race Bike **ABSOLUTE BEAST**

about 2 years ago
2005 / 2006 GSXR 1000 Race Bike **ABSOLUTE BEAST**
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2005/2006 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Race/Track Only Bike
This Bike is 100%, 10 out of 10, Mechanically, Physically Etc PERFECT!
**NEEDS NOTHING** // **100 percent Ready To Race or Track**
Absolutely Every Maintenance On The Bike Has Been Done.
Ohlins Front and Rear Serviced, All Fluids Changed, Valves/Fuel Injectors/Everything has been checked and/or adjusted by Sean (El Skipadore)
This Bike is a race bike from the ground up. (DON'T ASK, YOU CANNOT STREET THIS BIKE) I bought it from a fast AFM Racer (Also Keigwins and PTT instructor) but at the time of purchase the bike was under the care of/advertised by and given the seal of approval to me by Dave Moss.
This bike was the AFMer's "b" (back-up) race bike and therefore was rarely ridden but always kept ready.
This bike is a F@#$EN Monster like you would not believe. I've ridden it for the last 3 seasons at about 20 track days and the only bikes on the track that go faster are serious, NEW, race bikes pushing out 20+ or more HP.
Ask Speedy Corky, D King or anyone that knows this bike, how insanely fast it is.
The Build: (sorry, I will have the component list soon)
Fully Dyno-Tuned on 91 octane With a Race Fuel Map ready to go
This bike has every possible piece, part, tune and build that will put you down the track faster than just about anyone else. (if someone else beats you down the track on this bike, lol, ....they are just a better rider than you are.
It is the most Reliable bike I've ever owned. It has NEVER broken down and everything on the bike is as I got. I have not crashed the bike, ....EVER!!
Tons Of Hi Res Pix On PhotoBucket
$4500 obo