2007 ktm 950 smr

over 1 year ago
Harley Davidson
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The time has come to say goodbye to this beautiful beast of a big twin.
This bike is amazing.
Very quick.
Gobs of torque.
Wheelies for days.
Looks and sounds great!
I love this bike but frankly, its the bike I ride the least and I'm looking to sell her to fund my growing supermoto habit.
The back story is that I had searched high and low for a fuel injected
990 SMR and couldn't get my hands on one.
Eventually I "settled" for this carb'ed version, and fell in love.
I later had the opportunity to ride a 990 and it turned out I preferred the 950!
It's a lot less choppy on the throttle and just *felt* better to me.
This bike is in top shape and needs nothing except a new rider with an iron will and brass balls.
Actually, it also needs a new rear tire, so I'll wiggle a little on price.
A little.
I'm not desperate to sell.
It's definitely one of the better looking and sounding bikes out there and - IMO - a cooler bike than a Hypermotard.
My only real criticism of this bike is that it likes to warm up longer than I do.
But whatever - plan accordingly.
Nice features:
-full Akropovic exhaust (looks and sounds amazing)
-sick Marchesini wheels
-beastly Brembo brakes (very strong!)
-Rottweiler Air Intake system (helps the big twin breath better and definitely boosts hp)
-R&G tail tidy
-Renthal orange FATBAR handlebar
-various anodized orange bling (reservoirs, shifter/clutch lever tips, etc) and a few tasteful carbon fiber bits
-Supermoto Engineering axle sliders - front and rear
-low (8547)
May go up a bit as I will prob take her out once more.
I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things on her/stuff in my garage that will go with her.
As I said, this bike is damn near perfect.
She's just a bit much for me/the type of riding I'm doing these days.
I know these pics aren't great.
I can send more pics if necessary, but prob best if you come take a look in person.
Test rides with cash (yours) in hand (mine) and M1.
Serious buyers only, please.
Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.