2009 Gsxr 600 - Race Bike - Cardenas B Bike - LOTS OF GOODIES

over 2 years ago
2009 Gsxr 600 - Race Bike - Cardenas B Bike - LOTS OF GOODIES
Harley Davidson
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Alright so I know I shouldn't but I have my eyes on another bike and all though I'm not sure I want to part with this bike just yet I figure I would put out some feelers for it.
Ill include everything that I possibly can but don't hesitate to ask questions.
2009 Gsxr 600 with MSO In hand - Martin Cardenas AMA B Bike
I bought this a year ago and well its been a great bike.
So much so that if I don't sell it I'm perfectly happy keeping it and the other bike will just have to go to another buyer.
Suspension: Sprung for 180lb rider (.975 in the front) 1.05 (rear) - I can double check this.
Ohlins GAS Cartridges (hard to find and not cheap) - 1 race weekend since refresh from Mike Canfield (he also revolved)
Ohlins TTX Rear - Refreshed at the same time as the front
Em PRO ECU - fun stuff
Dynojet PC5 piggy back
Dynojet quick shifter
M4 Titanium Full Exhaust (with an extra exhaust can flawless)
Vortex Rearsets (tons of spares)
Vortex Case Covers
Vortex Clip Ons
GPR Steering Damper - no leaks
Galfer Wave Rotors in the front - One race weekend (brand new practically)
Galfer Race Pads - 2 race weekends on them
Galfer Lines - Spare set unused and still in packaging also included.
K&N Air Filter - Freshly cleaned
Was thought to be a DSB Sportbike build but after taking a look I believe its stock with adjustable cam sprockets
I have a ton of other spares as well - levers (asv, stock, and other trick parts that I don't recall right off hand).
A few other tid bits here and there that I know i'm missing...
Master Cylinder Recall Done - have paperwork to show as well as TITLE and paperwork on other misc documents on the bike.
Spare gearing (more sprockets and carriers then you would know what to do it)
Spare body work (2 sets) - 06/07 Body work and have the ducts to go with it.
extra spare wheels (front and rear) - with spare stock rotors but your guess is as good as mine if they are good.
I rode with them but I wouldn't race them (trackday would be fine)
08/10 - Hotbodies with awesome paint (slightly damaged but Ill explain later) with ducts (can convert to 08-10 look if you want with out hesitation)
Motor just freshly tuned, new plugs, oil changed, valves adjusted and getting dynoed by Mike Canfield so you'll be good to go.
As a whole I don't want to see this but if I do it just means I'm going to get another bike.
If you're serious lets talk but this bike has it all for an everyday racer and/or trackday enthusiast.
$6500 is what I am looking for.
Will consider parting out with cash + OEM replacements.
Since I have owned it:
I was taken out at turn 3 of Buttonwillow this pat October and thats why I have changed the body work to 06/07 (I had them laying around).
Bike is running great and before transferring of sale will be certified straight from Gerry (at my expense) - its currently in line waiting.
Full Disclosure:
I plan on racing this bike for Sonoma but will hold off for any serious buyers.
The first set of pictures is how the bike currently sits but I do have the other body work still fully in tact if you want to run with it.