FZ 07 race bike

over 1 year ago
FZ 07 race bike
Harley Davidson
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This bike was built to race in the AFM Twin series.
Unfortunately the main race this bike was built for has been gridded with the same class I started racing with and want to continue.
Since I cant race two bikes at once I have decided to go a different direction.
Hence my just built FZ07 needs a new pilot.
The bike was salvaged but it has just come back from the GP Frame and Wheel spa where it got a little chiropractic work done and came out with a clean bill of health.
The swing arm down angle is correct while the trail has been set to 97mm.
Gerry did a fantastic job of ensuring the steering stops were correct and even found that the front axle needed to be replaced.
That is how extensive his investigation was.
The steering stops were off because the front of the bike has been replaced with one off an '08 R6.
The lower triple off the R6 fit great after the bearings were replace with tapered roller bearings from all balls.
Gerry made modifications to the seals to reduce the drag on steering head and checked the bearing seats.
He's Good!
Front brakes are made up of R6 calipers with a freshly rebuilt Brembo master.
Lines are Goodridge Superbike Pro. The calipers bite down on a new set of Braking wave rotors. The front wheel is a throwback.
Its a PM chicane spun aluminum that was machined to fit the R6 forks.
Bodywork is from AP Motor arts.
The ECU was reflashed by AP and their quick shifter was added as well.
The rear suspension is made up of a Penske 8987 that was revalved by Evolution to match the FZ.
But wait you say, the Penske will not fit the FZ.
All things being equal you would be correct.
But things are not equal.
I made the rear linkage to fit the Penske, well.......because I could.
Modeling the stock linkage and what I wanted the new linkage to be, it ended up 33% lighter and 50% more rigid than stock.
The stock rise of the linkage was maintained for want of a better setup.
After riding the bike I think that was good place to start.
So to recap
AP bodywork
AP ECU flash
AP Quick shifter
'08 R6 front forks
Brembo master cylinder
Braking rotors
Custom top triple clamp from Alcoa 7075 premium Aluminum
Penske 8987 freshly rebuilt and revalved, sprung for 180-190 lb rider
Custom Shock linkage from Alcoa 7075
Guaranteed straight with a great geometry baseline
Things I did not mention yet
Custom top clamp means no key, so a Woodcraft key switch harness was put in place.
No key!
Flip the kill switch and hit the start... thats it.
Woodcraft bars
Vortex rearsets on custom side plates.
These plates are......Alcoa 7075!
With three peg positions.
Yoshimura R77 full exhaust system
Antigravity 4 cell battery (can you say 1.1 lbs?)
New DID V2 Pro chain with Pit Bull 44 and 45 rear sprockets.
Vortex 15T front.
Vortex gas cap.
Custom quick action shift arm (with a spare)
CRG clutch lever
Graves Swing arm spools
R6 throttle tube
Less than 4800 miles on the bike.
my poorly painted number plates are to be ignored.
nothing Serious RnD cant take care of with your very own numbers.
Add it all up and I think $8200 is a fair asking price.