The Red Witch

over 1 year ago
The Red Witch
Harley Davidson
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RS Warrior
Cherokee National Forest, TN

For sale:
My 02 Warrior "The Red Witch" (Witch is often pronounced bi***)
Current mileage 14315
Engine built (blueprinted) @ 9909 miles.
02-03 R1 forks & fender, the first Warrior with this mod
Polished upper & lower trees
17" CZ front wheel w/good tire
SS brake lines front
90/130 headlight bulb
chrome Dennis Kirk 50w running lights with prismatic lens(s) on custom machined lower tree mount
Stock front turn signal/running lights removed
Polished lower tach housing, painted top, carbon fiber dash insert
Billet pull back risers, bars narrowed 2", custom grips & mirrors, cables routed behind polished tripple trees,
Leather lever covers
SS throttle & clutch cables
custom machined fork stem nut cover..
lower cowl W/SS mesh insert
Polished custom cowl top cap
Polished oil diverter, polished lukas oil filter (serviceable), russel AN lines
Davern machine oil cooler, cold weather cover
Rectifier relocated between coils (hidden)
Dyna coils painted bike color, red taylor wires, Power Commander
Ferracci dry break
LCV removed
Left side scoop & mount reshaped & moved inboard 1" = knee to tank
Fuel pressure regulator relocated under tank,
AIS blocked
All covers polished + some Yamaha chrome cover pieces
Custom chrome drilled shift rod
Polished pegs & mounts, pedals drilled & polished
Custom machined drive pulley cover & drive pulley nut cover
Road Star billet drive pulley machined & polished, Poly chain belt
polished rear pulley with chrome nut covers.
Chopped, drilled, lowered & polished belt guard.
Machined frame inserts & ss pivot bolt covers, pass pegs removed
Custom tag bracket
Custom Shaved seat, chrome fender stays
Horns removed
larger Odyssey battery & heavy 6V cage battery & starter cables
Bullet (rear only) turn signals amber lens(s)
Rear rotor cover removed, rotor polished
Rear caliper bracket polished, "window" milled out
Polished transfer case cover & inner housing
Heads of all bolts are polished & have chrome insert plugs
polished head & jug fins + decell cover fins
Chrome & polished Big Air Horn in place of stock "coffin" air box = right knee to tank
Exhaust, modified stock head pipes with a top muffler from a Harley V-ROD with custom guts &
a custom billet end cap with 30-30 bullets (duds).
Fabricated interior chamber with changable diameter outlet pipes to allow tuning for back pressure.
Muffler "Y" hanger bracket drilled & polished
Swing arm cut, ground, slugged & welded for 240 tire then fully polished.
Kosman modified square lip 18" rear wheel, 240 metz tire.
03 rear shock with adjustable damping
Engine mods.
Trans recall was done in house, Road Star 5th gear installed in trans.
Speed Star pistons & cams
engine blue printed.
bottom of jugs machined in lathe for zero deck height. Cold engine = .035 quench
Push rod tubes machined a like amount, adjustable push rods installed
Heads, intake manifolds & throttle bodies received extensive porting & port matching.
Ferrea SS valves installed, combustion chambers reworked to eliminate valve shrouding
Speed Star valve springs
Oil pump blue printed & shimmed for extra pressure.
Remote mechanical oil pressure gauge
Speed Star ECU
Static ignition timing advanced 3.5 degrees
Barnett pressure plate
Velocity Big Air Kit (V-BAK) w/polished tubes (the first V-BAK)
LED shift light
Owners manual
original tool kit
CD service manual
Extra parts included:
Stage one Speed Star exhaust headers, front pipe modified for ground clearance. No mufflers.
Front & rear 3 spoke wheel + rear tire
Stock headers & muffler
Stock handle bars.
More pix in my album, Pix on stone drive taken 7-11-16
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