1989 Honda Hawk GT

12 months ago
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Full disclosure - I'm posting this for my ~70 year old friend who is far less internet savvy than most of us here. I know my Hawks, and in many ways I talked him into buying this a couple of years ago. It is by far one of the cleanest I've ever come across. Trust me - I've owned, repaired, restored or serviced over 50 NT650's in the past 7-8 years - this is the one you want. The miles appear to be legit and it has clearly always been loved, stored indoors, properly maintained and covered - just as it is now. Reason for selling: Owner is getting a little older, little wiser, and realizes that a collection of motorcycles isn't the best way for him to enjoy them anymore - simply riding is (and he'll be keeping the classic and modern BMWs for that purpose).
$4200 obo - PM me for full contact information, and I have a ton more photos that I can email.
1989 Honda Hawk GT
~6150 original miles (CA folk will have to be creative here)
Laser exhaust
Hybrid forks with F2 cartridge internals
Aftermarket performance shock (YSS I believe)
3 pot front caliper
EBC floating rotor
Braided brake lines
Targa side covers
Push button fuel cap
Fork brace
Levers, anodized covers in spots and more
All of the mods are done right, and they're the right mods (OK, maybe the red anodized bolts aren't quite right - but there's a small box of OEM parts that came off the bike and you can swap those back if you like). The bike starts, idles, and runs perfectly. The ONLY issue in my opinion is the tires. They're a decade old right now. Yes, it has always been stored inside however I personally would replace them if you intend to ride the bike much. The tires don't really show any dry rot or cracking (honestly I didn't inspect them that closely) but replacing them is what I would do, and then I'd probably not ride her because she's just too nice...at least not much. Or maybe I would...heck...if she were blue I'd buy her. She's red, as you can see.
Alternatively, if you want a Hawk GT for your collection - it's going to be very difficult to find one cleaner. She's not perfect but a very strong 9.5/10. There are a couple of small blemishes in the finish (one pinhead knick on the tank, and a small scuff on the tail cowl) and some light detailing work that needs to be done to make her really shine as she wants to. The bike has been inside most of this past riding season, ridden just a few times, and hadn't had a proper bath when I snapped these pictures. I believe the photos are an honest representation of the bike, even if they don't do the actual justice she deserves.

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