2006 Honda CRF450R - Completely Stock

about 2 years ago
2006 Honda CRF450R - Completely Stock
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I've got a completely stock 2006 Honda CRF450R that is itching to be ridden, runs great and has been well taken care of. I would say it's in good condition minus the usual dings and scratches dirt bikes acquire from normal trail/hill riding. I just don't have the time or a truck to haul it out to Carnegie or anywhere else as much as i'd like too anymore. So here it sits at my shop and at my house. However, i do start it and run it about once or twice a week on my property in Lafayette to keep the juices flowing. If anyone is interested in this, pm me or just post in the thread! Thanks for everyone's time! (Also had this posted in the moto wanted section, would be interested in trading for a smaller displacement street/road bike, ex. ninja 250, 300 or equivalent)
**I've only taken this bike out for actual 'rides' about 5-10 times since i bought it last May. I am the second owner, the original owner appeared to have never ridden the bike as it was basically brand new when i bought it. I promptly changed the fluids when i purchased it and changed the oil in the bike after every ride. It also has a fairly fresh air filter and a fairly fresh set of tires as well that got put on earlier this year. There are no mods done to this bike whatsoever.
Price - $2500.00CL/B.A.R.F. $2150.00
Willing to trade as well for the above description, bike must be in decent shape as it will be going to my girlfriend. Need her to be safe.