'78 Honda CB400T - Free to a good home, or frankly, anyone who will take it

12 months ago
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Oakland, CA

My dad dumped this thing at my house last year. His friend died, left it behind (obviously) and the dude's family asked him to pick it up. He described it as an "early seventies Honda, maybe a 450," but this piece of shit is what showed up when I agreed to check it out.
I know almost nothing about it, but I believe it has not been stunted or raced. Based on the condition, I'd bet its been out of the system for some time. I suppose you could could register it, restore it, and live happily ever after... but more likely, some of the parts are useful for someone building "cafe" bikes from Seventies Hondas.
Condition is as you see it: pretty fucked. I don't know if it ran when parked, I don't know if the motor turns over, and I don't know why the pipe on the right is completely rusted away but the one on the left is intact. Nor do I know why I still has a centerstand, but the sidestand is missing.
Please, someone take this thing. I'll help you load it, and I'll give not just one, but 2% to BARF.

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