NC29 and NC30 projects

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NC29 and NC30 projects
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These are RESTORATION projects. I bought them as such. I'm tired of having so many projects. For 2017 I'm going to ride - not wrench. I'm keeping one full on restoration, one custom, and the FZ09. Everything else goes - and I'm spamming the intrawebs with stuff. Besides - I'd really like to focus on the little N600 if I do wrench this winter/spring.
This isn't so much a *getting out* series of posts I'm starting, more of a taking a break...but hey...if you know I have something you're interested in, don't hesitate.
I don't know all that much about these two quite frankly. Here's what I do know:
You'll need to sort title(s) - bill(s) of sale only
$1000 - Honda NC29 CBR400RR- no bodywork beyond the tank. I do have a Tyga race tail that could go with it depending on $$ - it's usable on a custom NT650 build here too. Engine, carbs, wire harness, rear sets, seats, gauges, etc. all there (not shown, I mocked up the frame/forks/swinger real quick for a picture). Should sell the bits and keep the gull-arm - but I don't have time. There is no bodywork, or very little that I recall.
$1750 - Honda NC30 VFR400 (pics tomorrow) - Tank, OEM bodywork, seats, engine, carbs, exhaust, rear sets, forks, brakes, gauges, wheels, etc. Tempted to let my son part this out as I know too well what the bits can bring, some silly Hawker will snap up the rear wheel and spindle/brake/cush assembly fast. It would be a shame to do that as it's all here.
Located in my garage, Sparks, NV. You need to drive this way...I don't go to the bay anymore.
Here's a shitty CL ad for the NC29 - NC30 will get built soon and linked back here too when I get time to build it -

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