1983 Honda CX650 Turbo- $4k

over 5 years ago
1983 Honda CX650 Turbo- $4k
Tim-That CX Guy
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I have come to the conclusion that I need to sell my 650T.
I have a new step-daugher that moved in with us, we have to move to a larger house, and I need to clear one debt to make way for the higher rent.
Let me preface this sale:
I will not sell it to a squid, and I will not sell it to a dismantler.
End of Story.
There are too few of these bikes left to risk it being wrapped around a tree or torn apart for profit.
30,000+ miles,
New steel braided brake lines, rebuilt turbocharger, original paint, decent shape, graphics are kind of ugly, especially the tail fairing stripe.
OEM NOS seat installed when I bought it.
Even has the owner's manual and tire gauge.
Comes with the original engine as a spare, which turns, and I have no idea why it was removed.
Stator was replaced around 28k miles, but the idjits didn't replace the starter clutch bolts, and I think that the starter clutch is beginning to go.
One of the valve stems was shot, so I recently installed lash caps. I've put over 500 miles on them, and the bike is running much better now than it was with the bad valve.
I did the starter grounding modification, and that has helped with the kickback for now.
I also think that one of the P sensors is starting to crap out (I have replacements that will go with the bike).
Comes with all receipts, and spares that make life easier (as well as a repair manual).
If you know what this bike is, then you know that my price is fair.
If you don't know what this bike is, seriously, don't bother.
They require very specific maintenance at very specific intervals.
If you aren't willing to drop an engine to replace a stater clutch or a stator, this is NOT the bike for you.

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