1990 honda cb-1

over 3 years ago
1990 honda cb-1
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yes, it's been for sale here before but it isn't quite the same as it was.pics post 1pics post 2
Its rough but:
Engine will turn over, it ran but has an electrical disconnect somewhere that prevents it from starting consistently
Eletcrics all work otherwise.
Title is clear and non-op. $93 to register in your name.
I bought it from an estate sale and All the DMV paper is there. Death cert, bill of sale, clean clear title from the deceased owner.
i confirmed this with DMV
interesting since last time:
-cbr 600 F3 front end swap
-rear brake system rebuilt
-woodcraft rearsets from same cbr 600, there are adapter plates to allow them to work.
-CRG rollaclick levers, clutch has tip broken off, works fine
-tires are BRAND NEW kenda 671, but given that these were chosen for aesthetics and burnouts, are both rears, and will probably handle like a truck that might not be such a great thing.
they also make the bike so tall that the kickstand is basically worthless
it was to be a dirtbag bike, and was ready, but the electrical bug showed up the night before the deadline and i couldn't find it.
anyway, there are some odd customizations spawned out of the dirtbag effort.
no key, thus i had to improvise with the gas cap.
many other standard honda gas caps could replace it, and the tank mount is untouched.
petcock died, so i improvised and added a sight tube too.
the original petcock will come with if you want to try to rebuild it.
coolant overflow replaced with beer bottle, because i'm hardcore like that
you'lll need to figure out how to attach the headlight, i was going to use zipties because... dirtbag of course.
soldered patch of a gas tank hole.
leak checked and working fine.
leather wrapped tali cowl.
how hipstery eh?
needs a chain for long term use
woodcraft 1
woodcraft 2
i will include whatever original parts i removed that the buyer wants, the leaky front end for instance, and the coolant overflow bottle, petcock, etc.
it isn't much but might be handy?