2003 Honda 600rr, $2,800

about 2016 years ago
2003 Honda 600rr, $2,800
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Ready to buy the best bike ever. She sleeps, all covered up most of the time, she just comes out for good weather, to fill up on the high octane cocktail, and to run around the hills.
She likes to be treated well, but she'll do what you want. She's a Honda after all, not a Ducati (I don't mean to offend the Italians; they are a beautiful group).
She would be upset by me sharing this with you; she feels it's all about the magic, but there are a few things you should know.
-mileage is about 6,200. She's not overly experienced, but she knows her way around Sears Point (she still prefers that to Infineon), and she's been known to dance around Skyline.
-She's 10 years old, and in bike years, I think that means a bit older. So you have to appreciate her for her heart a bit, and ignore a couple of wrinkles, like a small crack in her mid fairing.
-She's also given into a bit of vanity. She has a full race exhaust (Yoshi), CRG foldable levers, a power commander, and a 520 chain (I think this last one was really just so she could fit into her new'ish shoes.)
-If you really need a practical description, it's 10 years old, obviously paid for, has a clean title, has not been in an accident, but I'm the second owner, and I bought it from a guy who raced it for half a season in 2003 and I put it back into her current clothes (sorry, yellow fairings). It would make a great bike for someone who is responsible enough not to twist their wrist all the way before their ready. No reason to blow everything you have with one ride; YOLO (I think I know what this means; it's something I heard a kid say once), but you might as well make it as long as possible.

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