2007 Honda CR125R

almost 4 years ago
2007 Honda CR125R
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Condition: Suspension is setup for 150lb rider on the track, all seals and oils are good. Air filter is new UNI. Tires have a few rides, knobs haven't begun to round yet. New spark plug, levers, and shifter lever. Clutch is in good condition. Plastics are scratched up, no factory decals, and the expansion chamber has a few dents and a crack.
IMS 3.1 Gallon Tank
FMF Fatty
FMF PowerCore 2 Silencer
SDG Seat
JDJetting Keihin PWK Airstriker CarbHistory: I bought this last year to accustom myself to riding 2-strokes. It ran okay when I picked it up, but it had some flat spots through the curve. I bought a Keihin PWK Airstriker carb from JDJetting, a night and day difference, the bike now has torque down low and sings with power when on the pipe.Asking $2200