2008.5 Aprilia Tuono 1000R

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2008.5 Aprilia Tuono 1000R
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Fabulous bike in the best colour. Clean title, registration good until sometime next year. Model year 2008.5 (better bits inside the engine) with ~33K miles. I took it to Thunderhill once and never got it past 8Krpm because I habitually short shift. It's a problem. Got lapped by a 17 year old on an RC390 who kept complaining how slow it was compared to her race-prepped Ninja 250. I am not proud. The bike could probably use an Italian tune up, but otherwise it's been as hassle-free as my '08 SV650. It feels like cheating to have an Italian bike that's Japanese-reliable, but that's what happens when you have Austrians build your engines
I've only had the Tuono for about 20 months/10k miles, and changed the oil every 3k. Previous owner parked the bike on track stands with a tender in a garage every night. I park inside most nights and every day (underground parking at work
This has been the most mental bike I've ever owned. It has a close ratio transmission, and 1st is *tall*. There are no electro-nannies. If you grab a handful of front brake, you die. If you accidentally bump the throttle, you die. If you dump the clutch on a downshift, you don't die (the V990 has a "Pneumatic Power Clutch" which is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike a slipper), but you do get some real good back wheel greasing.
The Tuono is a petrol powered motorcycle in its purest and most bonkers form.
If you haven't ridden one, but you have ridden a midsize 90twin and wished all the knobs were turned up to 11 and all the safeties permanently disabled, the Tuono is the bike for you.
I'm pretty picky about farkles, and this bike has only the best:Akra exhaust (the good one)
OZ forged wheels (from the Factory bike)
hlins forks (also from the Factory bike, rebuilt by Rob at Evolution)
Rick's stator & Compufire R/R
fuel tank sealant (applied by Pete at Underground Colors)
The stator, R/R, and tank seal fix the two known problems with 2nd-gen Tuonos: the stator would melt because the R/R was drawing too much power, and the fuel tank would warp with winter blend fuels because it was made out of PA6 plastic for some godforsaken reason.
Not pictured, but the bike also comes with:stock forks (nothing wrong with them, I just didn't like the colour
color-matched monoposto cowl
taller windscreen (SpoilerScreen or somesuch thing)
Asking $6500; 2% to barf.
I just took these photos tonight, bike's still a bit of a mess thanks to commuting in the rain yesterday.
My gf had a wood screw broken off in the ignition of her '13 STR a few months ago, so we're pretty big fans of disc locks as deterrents now. Her bike has a chipped key, so the idiots weren't going to get anywhere even if they managed to turn the ignition
The Tuono has a chipped key as well (not bad for 2008!). Gonna need to bring either your own ECU (or two friends and a pickup truck) to steal this thing.
Oh yeah, it's got some manner of fancy adjustable levers, too. I'm a fan of gold parts on bikes, but the frame on the Tuono Factory was over the top even for me.
Selling because the rainy season is coming and I don't want to die. Also, my garage is full and this is by far the most nonsense bike I own. I had my fun, now it's your turn.