2011 Husaberg FS570 Race Supermoto - low miles/hours

almost 4 years ago
2011 Husaberg FS570 Race Supermoto - low miles/hours
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1885 miles, 52 hours, excellent condition. Awesome on open roads and super twisties, with power for anything you want to throw at it. It’s a crazy light bike -- 258 lbs dry, probably around sub-290 lbs with a full tank of gas ready to ride. Always garaged. Never ridden in the rain. Never tracked, never raced, never offroaded or ridden in dusty or marine conditions. Oil changed every 5 to 7 hours with full synthetic. Chain meticulously maintained. Last valve check showed all were right in the middle of spec. Pilot Powers with plenty of life left. Comes with amazingly detailed manuals for maintenance. California street legal and currently registered. I’ll have more and better photos up after this weekend.
This bike has insane gobs of power and spools up faster than any thumper you will ever ride. So light that it turns on a thought. Super high quality KTM race build top to bottom. Quality suspension that will blow your mind on the goaty roads. It will eat Huskys and Dizzers for lunch. This is my favorite motorcycle, but I’ve been training, and have 3 other bikes, so no time to really enjoy her.
All stock, other than:
-Probends with handguards
-Husaberg brand axle sliders all around
-Footpeg sliders
-Ballistic LiFePO4 battery (about 6 hours on it - light, powerful, and reliable)
-Two of the aluminum inserts in the plastic subframe have been professionally timeserted (not visible, and better).
-The plastic on the right Probend and bottom of the rear axle slider are very slightly scuffed from a no-speed tipover (stalled on a steep right hander - duh). Otherwise, never laid down.
-Has standard FS570 auto decomp cam profile. I usually start it in neutral.
-Typical squeal from rear brake, but pads are nearly new.
-Has the stock KTM can, that I believe has been uncorked.
-I’m the second owner -- first owner was in his 60s who had a lot of “Nice Things”; garaged, etc.
-Sold without the (personalized) plate, which I will retain.
The bottom line is that Husaberg/KTM was making a race-quality street-legal supermoto that was unlike anything anyone else was selling in terms of quality of parts and build, from the lightweight, precise, and strong parts used in the motor; to the tubeless spoked wheels; to the suspension; to the frame design. It’s better than an SVX550 in build quality and maintenance. No more. Sigh.
Test rides with cash in hand. You lay it down or damage it, you’ve just purchased it. This is not a beginner bike -- this is a crazy quick supermoto with street furniture.
$7500 with 1% to BARF.