2008 Husqvarna TE/SMR 510

over 2 years ago
2008 Husqvarna TE/SMR 510
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Unfortunately I am losing my garage so all my bikes are going up for sale, I'm going to keep the last one that doesn't sell.
This bike started out as a 2008 Husqvarna TE510 with a broken motor.
I sourced an SMR 510 motor with similar mileage (~2k) from Halls and have been in the process of converting it to supermoto.
Odometer shows 2,6xx
Replacement motor has 2,xxx miles on it
SM wheels from a 450SMR
Includes Rekluse clutch from broken motor (not installed)
Seat Concepts Seat
Includes Safari Tank (not installed)
Includes Zipty Racing Skidplate (not installed)
New Shinko 705 tires
Still needs:
Fork seals (ideally forks should be resprung/revalved for Sumo)
Plastics could use some cleaning or splurge for a new set
Safari tank brace needs repair
Headlight needs a new bulb
Price as follows:
$4,000 in dual sport form
$4,500 in Sumo form
$5,000 for both sets of wheels
P.S. For those that are not familiar, the SMR and TE motor are the same except the SM motor has a counter balancer while the TE motor does not.
The TE motor has a kick start while the SM motor does not.
It's fairly easy to add a kick starter to the SM motor but it's quite a bit harder to add a counter balancer to the TE motor.