CA Plated XR650R - Trades

over 5 years ago
CA Plated XR650R - Trades
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Portland, Oregon

I've been dragging my feet on selling this bike because I don't really want to, but I've had my fun with it and it's time for someone else to enjoy it so I can try something else. It took me over a year to find this bike and it has met and exceeded my expectations.
It's a 2002 with about 4500 miles on it. It's CA titled and plated (moved to Portland, Oregon a few months ago and haven't switched it all over yet, but probably will in a few weeks if it isn't sold). Great shape, save for a few scratches. Has all of the normal stuff done and then some. I'll try to list it all here.
FMF pipe + jetting, airbox, filter, uncorked, de-smogged, etc
Acerbis gas tank (4.3gal I believe)
Scott's steering damper mount (the damper got stolen a few months ago)
Low profile LED turn signals in the rear
Cycra handguards with LEDs in the front
Easton (I think) "CR High" handlebar
Oversized front brake rotor
Big cushy leather seat (forget the brand)
Infamous right footpeg bracket fix (the expensive one w/ the new "over the top" bracket)
Newer Pirelli tires and tubes
Fluidyne radiators and hoses
Suspension was done by Precision Concepts (set up for a 185lb rider)
New maintenance parts include a clutch cable, oil change, magnetic drain plug, chain and sprockets (I believe I went +2 or 3 in the rear)
and a host of other stuff I'm certain I'm forgetting
The best part about it is that I just rebuilt the whole engine top to bottom. Second gear went out on it so I replaced all of the gears (at about $70/each), shift forks, shift drum, all gaskets, rings and most bearings. The piston and cylinder bore were near perfect so I left those alone (have pics that show cross-hatching, etc.). The bike had about 3500 miles on it prior to the rebuild and has had about 1000 since. It starts first kick hot or cold, every time, and pulls hard all the way through the RPM range in all gears. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it gets me to work without fail every day, has taken me on a few cool road trips, and has gotten me to places I would have not otherwise been able to have seen.
Also, the headlight in the picture is just zip-tied on to make sure I wired it correctly and that I liked it. I've got a few headlights for it so you could have whichever one you want. I'm sure there are a lot of other add-ons and upgrades that I'm forgetting. It would also come with a spare rotor(s), sprocket(s), oil filters, speedo/odo, fender(s), factory service manual, and I'm sure some other stuff...I'm going from memory.
I'd consider (and actually prefer) a trade for another bike. I'd consider most plated supermoto's and dual sports around 400cc and up. Would also consider an old Harley (Ironhead or older), Indian, or something along those lines. Plus or minus cash either way if needed.
I'm in Portland but wouldn't mind bringing the bike somewhere for a serious buyer. I imagine the bike is more valuable to someone in CA since it's got the CA plate, so I don't mind driving a few hours south, or you could fly and drive, or whatever...I will try to accommodate/facilitate whatever the buyer wants. It will be sold with a fresh synthetic oil change and a valve check/adjustment.
Asking $4000
I'm assuming/hoping that the XRR die-hards on here will correct any mis-information I've given.
Pics of a dirty bike and an engine in a million pieces (can take others if you need something specific):