1998 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R

about 1 year ago
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1998 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R
$1200 , SF
750 cc
67,195 miles
Clean title, registered until June 2017
Selling the ZX-7R I bought here on BARF a bit over a year ago. I put maybe 300 miles of twisties (great bike in smooth condition for its age, one-finger braking!) but it was too loud without a muffler and so I sourced and installed a full OEM exhaust for the bike. I had to drop the radiator to do so and when re-assembling I cracked the plastic thermostat housing and once it warmed up it spewed coolant everywhere. This is where I left off as I spent 2+ months dealing with poor sellers in procuring the housing. The bottom plastics, mirrors, and mounting hardware are ready to be installed once this is replaced.
1. Battery. I bought a cheap $30 Gel battery on Amazon and as of today it won't charge past 12.47 volts; these bikes need at least 12.6 volts to start.
2. Plastic thermostat housing, $60 new https://www.google.com/search?q=Kawa...ODY&tbm=shop&* . Current one is cracked and I would not trust the applied JB weld fix to hold. I bought a used one on eBay and of course it wasn't anywhere close to a matching fit. I bought a new one from a mom and pop and after a month they canceled.
3. Left mounting tab on solo tail repaired or drilled and zip-tied. I lost my downstairs garage and moved this bike to a new one which had slippery paint dust all over, dropping it on its left side. Wear shoes with good grip when you come pick it up. The plastic cover on the left blinker also needs glued back on.
4. Brake light does not activate when rear brake pedal is pressed. It does on front brake lever pull. When I got the bike it would only blink once on front brake lever pull, but after re-assembling the front end it seems to be reliable.
From previous owner's post: http://bayarearidersforum.com/forums...highlight=zx7r
Fork seals are clean, never leaked on me and I've owned it a year.
Chain is tight & lubed - It's about the middle of the adjustment bolt.
It's got Pilot Sport 3's on it. Front - 60% & Rear 40%
Integrated tail with blinkers, flush mount front blinkers, hid's in front lights.
Choke works as it should, all gears work as they should, ride might be a little stiff for my weight (155lbs)
Has race tail with go-pro mount.
Within the last month. I tore it down and did the plugs, oil change, lubed throttle cable, disassembled carbs and cleaned jets, bowls & floats. Other than that I've got no clue on any other history such as the valves being adjusted or anything else.