2002 Kawasaki Concours 18k Corbin Givi Rifle ZG1000

about 1 year ago
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Bay Area Riders Forum
Concord, CA

This is a 2002 Kawasaki Concours I purchased from the original owner last year. I have put maybe 500 miles on it since I bought it. I did not become attached to this bike as I had hoped. That did not stop me from making improvements and buying parts. The first thing I did was rebuild the clutch master cylinder and put new rubber on the rear. I bought a ton of parts for this bike: an OEM back rest - had it and the original seat reupholstered, a corbin seat - had it reupholstered as well, an NOS givi monokey tail bag with back rest and the correct mounting brackets and hardware, a rifle windscreen, an extra set of side bags with key, clutch kit, 4 carb rebuild kits, gauge cluster, 6 sets of brake pads, box of 10 spark plugs, a jet kit, a vhr timing advance, lots of brake parts etc.
The bike runs great. I did perform a bafflectomy which makes it a little louder and helps the exhaust flow better. It hasn't been ridden much. I had plans to pull the carbs and put new jets in, advance the timing, etc. I found a Trumph Sprint ST that fits my style, so the Concours is for sale. It may run a little rough at first from sitting. Has a Ballistic battery. Original tool set and lock.
Minor cosmetic issues. Currently registered until the end of the month. Just payed Non-op.
Short video walk around while running: