2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Track Bike

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2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Track Bike
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This is pretty much a copy and paste from my craigslist ad, but I'll come back and improve it later this evening. I haven't sold a bike in some time, so I'm hoping for questions and feedback.
The PO bought a salvage bike and rebuilt it, then sold it to me. Although the frame sticker is from Nevada, this is a California model.
I crashed it one time in a low side at Sears Point. I zip-tied the bike up and went back out on the track for both my pride and a shake down. Couldn't feel any difference in performance or handling. Only a few minor things were permanently damaged in the crash, and they were replaced. Gas tank doesn't leak at all, just scraped, as you can see in the pics.
The bike has the following:
Penske 3-way shock with remote reservoir and stock front forks, all modified, tuned, and set up for a 150 lb. rider by Lindemann Engineering when Jim was still working in the shop. I can't compare Jim with other tuners, but I can say that my first time on the track with the new suspension I couldn't even recognize it as being the same bike. Never imagined being able to go so deep on the brakes, and coming out of corners was a new and delightful experience.
Shark Skinz race plastic with Dzus fasteners; Moriwaki frame sliders; 05-06 radial front master cylinder (the 03 was axial), braided front brake lines, and Ferodo race pads; the fancy Motion Pro racing cables; TechSpec 'Crystal' tank grip; Zero Gravity double bubble; and a real slick paint job.
I'm also including an hlins steering damper kit, a Scorpion carbon fiber race slip-on (not available in stores), a D&D Titanium slip-on, the stock shock, the stock windscreen, and a K&N oil filter for good luck.
I just replaced all the fluids and the oil filter and rode it around my street several times. I can only find the following issues:
1. There is a slow oil leak at the oil pressure switch. You can see it in this YouTube video:
It's possible this leak has been there since the day I got it, but I can't be sure. To fix this, you will have to remove the switch and reinstall it using proper silicone sealant. It's pretty easy, or at least the manual makes it look pretty easy.
2. For the life of me, I can't seem to get the steering stem torqued down properly. I've just ordered a tool that will allow me to use my torque wrench on the spanner nuts, so that will be fixed as soon as I get it in the mail. It's less than 20 minutes to take apart, torque, and put back together.
3. The DID chain has a series of links that are rusty looking. I cleaned the chain using bar & chain oil and I can't find anything truly wrong-looking about the chain. The o-rings all look to be in decent condition, but if I were taking it out on the track, given all the other expenses, this is a pretty minor, one-time cost, so I'd replace the chain out of paranoia.
Hi-res images are available here:http://www.unpm.org/636race/index.html
If you are brand new to the going on race tracks, this bike would be a really fantastic bike for you. My original plan was to do 12 months of 1 trackday weekend per month before racing. At the beginning, all that really matters is being on a bike that is designed for track use in order to get used to the track. The most important thing to modify on a street bike for the race track is the suspension (okay, tires, but those are consumables - not really a 'modification').
Sadly, I just don't have the money or time for racing so I've decided to let the bike go.
The street I live on is fairly secluded and hilly, so you can get a good feel for what the bike is like.
I have the title for the bike, but I never got license plates for it as it was coming from Nevada. If you wanted to make it street legal, it wouldn't be all that hard, but you would have to figure something out for the headlight as Shark Skins don't make that very easy to deal with.
Note that I'll be keeping the battery (it's an expensive and special LiFePO4 battery). The bike uses YTX9-BS, but I'll let you use my battery to test the bike out.
You have to come to my place in Morgan Hill as I don't have a way to transport the bike right now.

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