KTM RC390 CUP Bike - Track and Race ready

12 months ago
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Will post more pictures later this week.
This is a genuine 15 KTM RC390 CUP bike that I purchased brand new in Aug 2016 from Sun Powersports in CO and had it shipped to the bay area. It was hard finding a new CUP bike for sale to non-racers and I intended to keep this bike for awhile, but my priorities have changed since the birth of my daughter and plan to take a break from riding for awhile to focus on her.
11 total track days (of which I usually ride 5-6 sessions per day)
~1,650 miles = 150 miles per TD X 11 TD
Im very meticulous with my toys and have pampered this bike since day 1 with no expense spared (not too many tbh). Its NEVER BEEN DOWNED, NEVER BEEN RACED, always garaged, on stands, and attached to a battery tender. Started up and warmed up every 1.5 weeks with fresh gas going in every month. Im an avg B rider and my fastest lap at Sonoma is 2:14 for reference. Ive hit the rev limiter literally less than 2 handful of times. (compared to those CUP racers that bounce every gear at the limiter) Im confident to say this bike is in great condition and as close to new as it gets.
I have a log from day 1 of the maintenance history and have all records/documentation to share with the new owner. Some highlights are break in service and valve job done personally by Jim @ Catalyst Reaction, and suspension setup between James @ Superplush and Dave Moss, including installation of a stiffer Ohlins rear spring. Check out the screen shot.
I have the MSO title in hand, so no reg fees or taxes when we transfer the title. I wouldnt recommend making it streetable but I suppose its doable, to each his (or her) own
All stock parts included, all after market parts purchased brand new.
Throttle limiter removed for full power (can easily be re-installed, CUP bikes had the throttles limited compared to the street version by a tiny clip that prevents WOT, clip has been removed so the bike has access to full HP)
Airbox mod for drastically better airflow (can be reversed if removing the PCV, but I dont see why you would)
2016 RC390 Cup graphics
Stomp Grip
DynoJet PCV w/ Map tuned by Chad @ Commonwealth
DynoJet QuickShifter
.75 Ohlins rear Spring
Motion Pro Rev 2 quick throttle (includes all discs for different turn rates)
Driven Halo clip ons
Pirelli SC1 Front and SC2 Rear with over 50% tread remaining (B rider, not racing)
PM me, email @ ucrmm1@gmail.com , call/text @ 310-807-5793. Please only contact me if youre a serious buyer, lets not waste each others time. Low ballers will be ignored. Located in San Mateo.

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