2007 R1 $5500, 31000km's, tons of upgrades, wrong year bodywork, crashed, tracked!

about 2 years ago
2007 R1 $5500, 31000km's, tons of upgrades, wrong year bodywork, crashed, tracked!
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Testing the waters for selling my 07 R1. My knee has deteriorated to the point that it's no longer comfortable to ride it
Absolute wheelie MONSTER!
Canadian bike. Clean title. Currently plated and insured. Can deliver pretty much anywhere in the GTA. All keys included including the red master key and the master key code! 31000km's. Blue/White. Unlocked/Unrestricted ECU (can be returned to stock if you prefer).
The good:
A&R Race Baffles (in the stock mufflers, deep throaty sound). Also have spare stock mufflers (for tracks that have noise restrictions, i.e. Calabogie, scratched from my Calabogie crash)
Akrapovic Y Pipe/Cat Delete (wrapped with DEI Header Wrap to keep your bum, thighs and calfs cool as a cucumber when you ride in shorts)
GP Shift with Adapter (reverse shift, one up, five down. Modified the stock shift rod so not possible to return to stock without getting a new rod)
DynoJet Quick-Shift Sensor (push), wired directly to the ECU for butter butter smooth FULL THROTTLE NO CLUCK shifts (EVEN MID WHEELIE)!!
SpeedoHealer V4 calibrated on the dyno, speedo reads DEAD ACCURATE
Renthal Kevlar Superbike Handlebar Grips (baby poo colour)
Saddlemen "Tech" Seat (memory foam and gel, doesn't look good because of the velcro pockets on my shorts, tore up the top of it, but still super super comfy). I have the stock seat as well in as-new condition.
Skeen Racing frame sliders, Yoshimura Axle Sliders (front and rear, "well used")
TechSpec's (Snake skin)
Proton flush mount front signals (brightest on the planet)
Rizoma ultra high brightness LED rear turn signals
Rear brake light ALSO has integrated signals! Someone have to be blind not to see you turning!
55 Watt Yellow premium HID kit (low beams), retarded brightness, flawless cutoff (stock projectors).
White high brightness LED marker lights
Greggs Custom blue mirror block off plates (for if you remove the mirrors for the track or go with bar end mirrors, etc.)
BMC race air filter (brand new spare provided)
Dynojet Power Commander V (PCV) + Autotune (haven't been able to get my laptop to dectect it recently, not sure if bad cable or wtf)
AGG Smog Block Off Plates
Elka Stage 4 Rear Shock
HyperPRO RSC Active Steering Damper, OEM mount/location. Freshly rebuilt by Accelerated Technologies last year.
Motion Pro Quick Turn Throttle assembly (comes with all extra cams, currently has "one quicker" installed).
GB Racing Case/Engine Covers (used)
Upgraded fork internals (springs, valves, removed hydraulic bump stops, polished tubes, new ultra low friction seals, wipers). Set up for someone 220lbs. All work done by John at Accellerated Technology.
Ktech compression adjusters
BrakeTech Axis Free Floating Iron Rotors (custom ordered with blue rivets)
Ferodo Carbon/Ceramic CP1 race pads. It says race pads but they are monsters on the street, even when cold or wet!
Brembo RCS 19 Master Cylinder with rear brake light switch. Pinky finger stoppies with the iron rotors and cp1 pads!
Shermoto Shorty Clutch Lever
MicroBlue Full Ceramic Wheel Bearings (front wheel freewheels FOREVER!)
MikeyMoto Full Carbon Fiber Rear Rotor
New steering head bearings
Shorai LFX14A4-BS12 Lightweight Lithium Battery
Fren Tubo Tube 4 full carbon fiber front and rear brake lines
EK MVXZ 520 Black/Black Chain
Drive Systems USA Superlite Steel Rear Sprocket (+4/49t)
Driven ultralight drilled front sprocket (-2/15t) (Top speed with current gearing and tires = 275km/h, gets there in a DAMN hurry!)
Dunlop Q3 Tires (New last year, one track day on them, 400km's on the street, still look new).
Brand new china bodywork (oem replica, wrong year 2006, fits like crap)
Four Fast Charge 2.1 amp USB ports (two in the trunk, two on the handlebars), fully waterproof, with 12v socket on the handlebars as well
Steering Steam Ram Mount X-Grip. Fits ANY device, phone, gps, ipad mini, etc.
Custom painted (blue, to match the bike) aluminum fender eliminator with LED license plate light and REAL (Rizoma ultra bright) turn signals.
Bike always run with Amsoil MCF 10w40 Full Synthentic with EA15K13 oversized oil filters. I probably have lots of both to provide if that's what you'd like to continue to run.
I have rear stands and a front triple tree stand I can provide if you need/want them.
Water resistant bike cover too (says R6 on it. Fits the R1 flawless).
Spare front and rear rims (I think they have OEM rotors on them too but can't remember)
Lots and lots of spare bodywork/parts.
The bad:
Bike was tracked (between 10 and 20 tracks days total, always ran like a champ, never ever a single issue)
Bike was crashed at a trackday (Calabogie). Immediately taken to John at Accelerated Technologies for a complete repair. Every single broken part was replaced, no matter how small (bodywork tabs, etc.). No damage or scratches to the frame, no damage to the forks, etc. Mostly cosmetic.
Replacement bodywork ordered from China but they sent the wrong year (2006) but couldn't get a refund without shipping it back (at twice the cost that I paid for it) so Jason at 22 customs installed it. It's not a great fit (gap around the headlights), etc. Held up to a Calabogie trackday no problem so it's solid enough
Rear rim is scratched up pretty good because Cutekill had a bit too much to drink one night at TMP and jumped on my rear stand because "it wasn't sitting flat" so the bike slipped off the rear stand and the stand teeth scratched the rim (just cosmetic). I have mint spare rims as well.
The Saddlemen tech seat is pretty tore up (from velcro on my short pockets). Still comfy as heck and I have the OEM seat in near new condition too.
The Power Commander V is not being detected by my laptop anymore. At the beginning of the season I loaded in a fuel saving map for a long group ride. Got rained on pretty heavy on the ride. A few weeks later I went to put the dyno fuel map back in but my laptop couldn't detect the PCV. It has a pretty horrible map (lean/twitchy) in it currently but if you just removed the PCV then it would run peachy. I don't have a spare cable to try (it's mini USB, not micro) but it could just be a problem with the cable.
The tank has a few dents/scratches (no leaks). The china bodywork came with a complete tank cover so if you relocated the tech specs from the tank to the cover then you could put it over and nobody would know the tank was scratched or dented.
There highbeams don't work (the highbeam wire harness was lost in the crash and because I've never ever used the highbeams on this bike ever, I didn't bother ordering a replacement).
There's a Code 22 Check Engine light which is I believe the air intake temperature sensor which isn't re-installed because the stock ram-air tubes didn't line up with the China bodywork so couldn't be installed. Bike runs flawless anyway (I assume due to the Autotune compensating for it).
The fuel economy is pretty poor, due to the unrestricted ECU and the -2/+4 gearing. Usually around 175km/tank before the fuel light comes on.
The bike can only be set up for reverse shift (GP shift, 1 up 5 down) without purchasing at least an OEM shift rod (would lose the quickshift sensor unless you cut the OEM rod or got a DynoJet Quick Shift Rod).
I'm sure there's some goodies on the bike that I've missed but that was all I could remember atm.
Any questions just let me know!