2017 FeatherLite 1693 Flatbed Aluminum moto trailer, 6' x 10' with ramp

8 months ago
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Not planning/wanting to do nearly as many trackdays as I thought I might. So putting up this reallllly nice trailer for sale. Bought it brand new in 2018, it has maybe 1000 miles. Included are the (top of the line) Baxley from wheel chocks, which GRAB the front tyre when you put it in, and release it when you take it out - best wheel chocks on the market by far. I also installed those plates to hold the rear wheel to prevent it from sliding left or right, and you put a strap thru those hooks to strap the wheel down. I also added front eye hooks up front so its easy to hook in straps.
I tow this with my 2010 Honda Odyssey mini van, and it hardly feels like anything is back there. This thing is SUPER light. It does come with a removable ramp, which also conveniently doubles as a parachute when the trailer is in motion!
I paid $3300 after tax, plus another $300 for both wheel chocks, plus whatever sillyness for added hardware.
Asking $3000
and yeah i'll throw in the ball lock; and yes its a 2.5" ball
I have high resolution pics upon request