Streetfightered 2003 Ninja 250

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Streetfightered 2003 Ninja 250
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Streetfightered 2003 Ninja 250
What we have here is a streetfightered, blue 2003 Ninja 250. Clean title (though it really should be a salvage) and pink slip in hand. Was it dropped once at low speed in a parking lot? Yes, probably, but that?s the least of it?s problems. Poor girl?s had a hard life, including being knocked over by a deplorable drunk in a hoopty one sunny afternoon, so we streetfightered it. I?ve seen some really clean, professional looking streetfighter conversions; this is not one of those.
The Bad (Let?s start here)
Main fairing stay is not currently present.
Instrument cluster not currently attached (wiring harness wasn?t cut, plug and play if you can find a way to mount it).
Rash, snapped tabs or cracks on almost every piece of fairing.
Leak in gas tank (welded repair).
Big dent in tank (unrelated to the above).
Two Brothers exhaust is obnoxiously loud. We have silencer tips but they are not yet installed.
Currently has a single headlight and turn signals mounted to fork ears.
Rather ugly, unless you like slapdash streetfighters, in which case this bike is ?totally hawt?.
The Good (You?re still with us? Great):
Low mileage (~11,000).
Carburetors cleaned recently.
Valves adjusted (set towards loose end of tolerance).
New battery last year.
New clutch cable, new throttle cable, new grips.
New brake fluid, oil & coolant in the last 500 miles.
Rejetted (+1 Pilot, +2 Main) carbs to match Two Brothers Exhaust.
Less than 500 miles on the tires.
Less than 1,000 miles on the front brake pads.
Fork oil changed 18 months / 1,000 miles ago.
Upgraded rear shock from a next-gen EX250.
Actually runs great.
Original fairings, fender, windscreen, headlight, instrument cluster, some other miscellaneous parts in a box; please, take them away.
It?s not a bad bike but it?s definitely in need of some serious attention, or an owner who needs a project bike, or one who lives in the Mission and knows they can?t have nice things.
We?re thinking $1,300, but obviously we?re open to offers. No trades; we have the next bike lined up. 1% to barf? The hell with that - we'll give 2%!
How she looks with no plastics at all (note dent in tank)
Bashed plastics included!
How she looked after the crash (replaced right side riser and handlebar, gauges still functional.):
Located in the Mission in SF.

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