04 Moto Guzzi LeMans 3700 miles

about 4 years ago
04 Moto Guzzi LeMans 3700 miles
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$7k firm
I am the 2nd owner and have owned it only for a short time (since Aug last year). It has receipts for over $3k prior to me taking ownership, for an Ohlins rear shock, CF front fender and Ti MG Exhaust and "race" ECU. At that time a full service was also completed. I can't say its the finest MG LeMans out there, but I haven't seen anything close in my recent Ebay/CL searches over the last 6 months, and I hate to use the word "mint" or "flawless" as if you look hard enough you might find something, but I have to say it has to be a 9.9/10. The shock and pipe have maybe 300 miles on them. The bike has a new battery and is kept in my garage on a battery tender 24/7. The paint is fantastic, the only blemish being a 1/4 inch bubble on the top black stripe decal on the tank at the front, that I understand can be common on these bikes. There is no peeling of paint or any discoloration on the engine. I think by 04 these machines were pretty much sorted out as far as the V11's go.
Its a museum quality collectors bike or a rider, whatever you please.
They are somewhat rare as standard, but I think this particular bike is exceptionally rare with the very low mileage and period correct updates, and therefore I am prepared to wait for the right owner to come along.
I had questions from California buyers and just wanted to let you know that this is a 50 state legal bike with the California sticker under the rear hugger.
I am seeing these bikes in the $5500 to $6500 range all the time but generally higher mileage, no service history and not the upgrades that this one has.
Thanks for looking (and sorry about the 2 rotated images at the end there)