02 ex250f ThingaMaNinja Goat Trailer

almost 2 years ago
02 ex250f ThingaMaNinja Goat Trailer
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2002 ex250f ThingaMaNinja
Completely molested, but well sorted ex250f (pregen) goat trailer. This bike is designed for and excels on roads like Kings Mtn, Tunitas Creek or Stage Rd. This was my favorite toy bike for a while, but Ive adopted a more supermoto style these days and now she only goes out on mercy rides to charge the battery and put some gas through the carbs. Estimated mileage is somewhere around 16-17k. She runs like a champ and pulls hard through the power band albeit shes a bit loud with Pod filters, Muzzy full exhaust and well jetted carbs. The bike is way lighter than stock with SS brake lines front and rear, valve emulators and fully adjustable gsxr600 shock. She seems to steer telepathically and is happiest going 30 through a 10mph hairpin turn. No spedo, no tach, no distractions just an oil pressure light and a key lock. Tires have around 3-4 hundred miles, she definitely needs a new chain (sprockets are fine) and I would do the wheel bearings in the future (they roll fine theyre just the only bearings I havent changed yet). Valves adjusted, frnt caliper rebuild, carbs rebuilt and silencer repacked 2-3 rides ago. Includes stock seat, airbox w/ KandN insert, centerstand for maintenance and CA emissions (just incase).
$1500 or trade for a mid sized dirt bike ( cr125, crf150etc)