2003 MZ Baghira 660 Street Moto/Supermoto $3000

over 4 years ago
2003 MZ Baghira 660 Street Moto/Supermoto $3000
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2003 MZ Baghira 660
6,475 miles
Yamaha 660 engine, 5valves single cylinder, 5 gears
Grey/Silver with all bars/railings powdercoated cobalt blue
Wheels and swingarm polished
M4 carbon fiber exhaust
Pair of FCR 35 carbs, tuned for exahaust
New chain
New tires
Hand guards
Starts easy, idles steady and runs great, never had any problems with bike
Bike located in Winston-Salem, NC
For those unfamiliar with this bike here is a link and some info:
MZ Baghira (2001-2007)
The MZ Baghira is a great bike for taking you to work or throwing you around mountainsides at weekends, the Baghira's a torquey little beast with brilliant, light handling. Cornering's hilarious. In town, that towering seat comes in handy. Quirky looks and a good price should make it real competition against its rivals
Engine size 659 cc
Power 50 bhp
Top speed 100 mph
The ubiquitous Yamaha XT660 engine strikes again in the MZ Baghira: the liquid cooled, four stroke single powers other steeds such as the MT-03 and Aprilia's Pegaso Strada. Gutsy down low, it propels the bike around town and corners like there's no tomorrow. It can cruise at 80mph and peaks at around 100mph but the rider's likely to have passed out by then. Carbed, not injected.
Ride and Handling
Forget dual purpose, the MZ Baghira is a street bike, perfect for negotiating rush hours and school run traffic. Loads of grunt, good brakes, tall seat: it's ideal. Take it out on the twisties, tweak the suspension to suit (it's quite soft as standard) and the handling's magical. Slightly vibey though, steer clear of motorways and it's pretty lardy for this type of bike. . .
The MZ Baghira's seat is very tall, the bars are wide and you ride close to the tank, supermoto-style. There are basic clocks, pillion provision (optimistic) including grabrails, a fairly small tank and a funky, chunky (and heavy) pipe. The single headlight's not great. A lower seat/shorter wheelbased option is available too: 850mm/1465mm (down from 900mm/1530mm).
Quality and Reliability
Excellent. The Baghira boasts plastic parts made by Acerbis, an engine by Yamaha and WP suspension and is, overall, very well put together. Finish is very good, and seems to last well, and that engine's proved itself more than capable over the years.
Top speed 100 mph
1/4-mile acceleration 14.3 secs
Max power 50 bhp
Max torque 42 ft-lb
Weight 180 kg
Seat height 900 mm
Fuel capacity 12.5 litres
Average fuel consumption 49 mpg
Tank range 135 miles
Engine size 659 cc
Engine specification 5v single cylinder, 5 gears
Frame Steel tube cradle
Front suspension adjustment N/a
Rear suspension adjustment Preload and compression
Front brakes 298mm disc
Rear brake 245mm disc
Front tyre size 120/70 x 17
Rear tyre size 180/55 x 17[/b]

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