2009 SC 1000S, NCR, Ohlins, Marchesini

about 4 years ago
2009 SC 1000S, NCR, Ohlins, Marchesini
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Los Angeles, California

Recently been presented with an business opportunity I cannot turn downed and decided to sell the bike. Being that I live in NYC and the bike in the DC area I can't justify keeping something I can't enjoy. This bike has been very well taken care of and put together the way they should come from the factory. As most of you know Lucas built this bike and put a lot of time into it. Sad to let her go.
Parts List:
Ohlins Road & Track Superbike Forks
-With Gold TIN coating on legs.
-Radial Mount Satin Black powder coated Lowers
-Custom Ohlins Black Decals
-STM black anodized 5 point adjusters
Ohlins Rear Dual Shocks with Full Adjustability
-Purchased through Dan Kyle Racing March 2013
-Custom Ohlins Black Decals
Ohlins Steering Damper
-Forged Aluminum Design
-Fully Adjustable
-Bonz Custom Black Mount
Marchesini Forged Racing 5 Y-Spoke
-Super light Forged Aluminum 999R Wheels
-Gloss Black
NCR S.l.r. Full Titanium Zard Dual sided Exhaust
-Custom NCR mapping on NCR reflashed ECU
-Hand Made in Italy
-Highest ground clearance
-Includes custom NCR brackets for 1000s
MWR Full Upper intake filter replacement
-Anodized Red High Flow Race Air Filter
Brembo Monoblock Brake Calipers
-High Temp Gloss Black Brake coating with gold Brembo lettering
-Race composition Brake pads
-Custom cut Galfer black coated Steel Brakelines
Braking StremX Front Rotors
-STX wave rotors
Ducati 1198S Master Cylinders for brake and Clutch
-Custom Finished in Gloss Black
-Oberon Clutch Slave cylinder
Brembo Rear Brake and 999R bracket conversion
-High Temp Gloss Black Brake coating with gold Brembo lettering
-Race composition Brake pads
-Conversion Kit from Sport 1000 for brake mount
-Rear Brake Forged Aluminum Foot Brake
Worthing Classics Carbon Fiber
-One of a kind Side Fairings
-Custom Brackets
Worthing Classics Heal Guards
-Stainless Steel hardware
Watsen Designs Signals
-CNC powder coated black high output LED signals
D.I.D. 520ERV3 Gold Racing Chain
-520 Conversion Kit installed
-14 tooth front Steel Sprocket
Driven Racing Rear Sprocket
-42 tooth rear forged Aluminum Sprocket
-Anodized Black 7061 CNC Aluminum
Driven Racing Clip-ons
-Anodized Black 7061 CNC Aluminum
-Adustable Positioning
Rizoma Reservoirs
-Anodized Black 7061 CNC Aluminum
Rizoma Grips
-Anodized Black 7061 CNC Aluminum
Rizoma Pegs
-High clearance tapered design
-Raw Forged CNC finish
Ducati Sport 1000 Rearsets custom
-Powder coated Black
-Shift Mount machined off for GP shift
NCR S.l.r. Gas Cap
-7061 CNC Aluminum
-Black Anodized
NCR S.l.r. Timing Inspection Covers
-Black Anodized Finish
Powder coated OEM parts
-Triple clamps
-Fairing Stay
-Fork lowers
-Fairing Stay Head Mount
-Front light bezel and mount
Custom Bell Shaped Frame Sliders
-CNC interior engine bolt mounting system
Ducati OEM Monoposto Seat Conversion
Ducati 999R 2006 Front Wheel Cowl/ Fairing
All maintenance completed per Ducati recommendations. Tank was replaced through warranty and it was coated for protection from future warping. Tank is still under warranty until 02/2015.
Sale includes all OEM parts (3 boxes) except stock spoked wheels and rotors.
The bike was purchased NEW in February 2011 from a dealer in New York, still in it's original crate with 3 miles (from factory), it was discovered in a warehouse waiting to ship to Hollywood in a selection of Movie Reserved Motorcycles. It was pulled from the stock due to a dealer error in selling another bike to me. The dealer helped arrange shipping and the bike was registered in Los Angeles, California. I purchased this bike in May 2013 and brought to NYC, ridden twice in the city with crazy traffic I decided to transport to Maryland where it now is garaged stored.
I am the second owner of this 2009 Ducati Sport 1000s which has never been crashed, laid down, or dropped. Having owned and collected many bikes over the last 15 years, I understand the rarity of this particular bike and hope you can see the craftsmanship and passion that has been put into this unique and balanced build. With over $30,000 invested, and hundreds of hours of time absorbed into this build, I am selling the bike to move on to a business opportunity. My passion is now some lucky individual's pleasure to enjoy.
Having only 32XX original miles, this bike has been cared for beyond manufacturer recommendations. I have the red and black keys, all original frame stickers, all original books, and documentation. There have been 4 oil changes/services since the original purchase date including a complete $1200 one in March of 2013. During this full service, the belts were replaced although it wasn't required, and the valves were checked and still within spec not requiring any shim work. New spark plugs and wires were installed, and the MWR filter was removed and cleaned for reinstall. The Ohlins Rear Shocks were purchased and installed with only two hundred miles on them. Michelin Pilot 2CT tires are maybe a year old. She's good to go.
Also have an extra set of Marchesini's, the same set up, with tires and 520 kit I could work into a deal or sell separately.
Asking $26,500 obo. No Trades.
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