1993 Yamaha GTS1000: one-of-a-kind sport-tourer w/ pile of accessories - priced to move

about 2 years ago
FS: 1993 Yamaha GTS1000: one-of-a-kind sport-tourer w/ pile of accessories - priced to move
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Yamaha sold the GTS in the USA for only two years, but wearing a thirteen grand price tag, they weren't that popular. Shame though, since the bike was way ahead of it's time with a fuel-injected and retuned FZR1000 motor, ABS, and James Parker's wild RADD front end. The forkless front looked odd, but offered significant improvements in stability, turning, and braking over a conventional setup. The Barber museum has one, and even the Guggenheim displays one as part of the epic Art of the Motorcycle exhibit. But that's all for a ho-hum normal GTS.
Sporting the rear end from a third-generation VFR , this GTS is truly the only one like it in the world. The rear end was re-engineered by a master machinist/mechanic when the bike was almost new (1995). Since then, the original owner put tens of thousands miles on this bike. The rear shock was replaced with a 3-way adjustable Ohlins with a remote reservoir and lowered a few years ago, introducing a faint headshake. All suspension & travel components were gone through and confirmed to be in good shape and well-adjusted. I purchased the bike from the original owner and restored the bike to the stock ride height with custom dog bones made with a former AMA Pro mechanic, restoring almost all of the bike's stability. All that's needed is minor tuning at this point, but I have other projects calling my attention - wife demands GROM.
Formerly owned by the proprietor of Mission Motorcycles and maintained by the shop. Has been a garage queen in my care; oil changed annually and fuel stabilized, bike otherwise maintained exclusively on a battery tender.
Bike Specifications and installed accessories:
- 1002cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 20-valve Genesis I-4
- 102 HP @ 9000 RPM
- Top Speed @ 140 MPH (I've heard)
- 5-spd transmission
- RADD Single Sided Front Swingarm w/ Variable Preload, Compression & Rebound Damping, 116mm Wheel Travel
- Single 330mm Front Disc w/ 6 Piston Calipers
- Stainless Steel Exhaust System
- Electronic Fuel Injection
- Working ABS
- Factory pannier mounts (two sets of panniers included - see below)
- Throttlemeister
- L-P Speedscreen tinted touring screen
- Ohlins 3-way adjustable rear shock w/ remote reservoir
- Corbin leather seat
- Sparkly Marvin the Martian sticker to let people know who's boss
"But wait there's more!"
In addition to the bike, I also have $Deity's own pile of unobtanium Yamaha GTS1000 accessories and spares, easily worth $2500 alone:
- Spare OEM rear wheel (17" x 5.5") PLUS many OEM parts from rear-end conversion: clean brake disc, complete caliper and mounting bracket; rear drive sprocket and wheel cover/parts; axle & fasteners
- Two (2x) complete sets of OEM Krauser luggage
- OEM narrow "commuter" panniers
- OEM wide "touring" panniers (right bag has been repaired)
- PLUS spare Krauser luggage mounting kit (in addition to kit already installed on bike)
- Spare OEM Camshaft in box
- Spare OEM headlight in brand-new condition
- Spare shocks:
- Ohlins Shock Type 46HRC, YA828
- Works Performance 3-way adjustable shock with remote reservoir
- Spare OEM Front shock
- Misc OEM and replaced suspension components
- Spare OEM ignition module
- Custom-engineered high/back touring bars - similar to Helis, but nicer
- Two (2x) sets of OEM handlebars and a set of spare clip-ons
- Left/front turn signal cover (light rash)
- OEM seat
- OEM Yamaha Service manual
- OEM Honda 1990 VFR750 Service manual (for rear end)
...plus lots and lots of spare fasteners, spacers, levers, and bar ends in adorable little Yamaha/ziploc bags. You will never see a bike like this and this amount of accessories in one place ever again.
$2750. Clean title, currently registered/insured. Test rides only with cash in hand, you know how it goes. Bike and all accessories are located in San Rafael, CA.