Shineray Supermoto 250

about 5 years ago
Shineray Supermoto 250
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Asking $3,200
14 miles.
Alright, this is a great little supermoto, very similar to a WR250X. It is a Shineray 250CC supermoto (XY250GY-2)
Nothing special, it basically has an older Honda NX250 engine in it. Parts are super easy to come by and all of the NX250 parts fit it no problem. There are a few scratches and the weird glue/resin on the tank but it doesn't leak and I have no idea why it is there.
I bought it off someone who couldn't figureout / was too lazy to walk to the DMV and get it street legal. It has pretty aggressive tires, not too loud, the bike will be a lot of fun for someone that wants either a starter bike or a cheaper supermoto for track and street.
There is a big bore kit available for it (not installed)
There is an upgraded carb for it (not installed)
Both of these items will had quite a bit of horsepower and really open the bike up.
I bought stickers for it from this company out of Australia (they can get all parts as well as the big bore and carb upgrade):
Note that is the MX version of this bike, which is the same as mine, it just has knobbie tires instead of street tires.
Test rides with Cash in hand, only serious buyers, no joy rides.
You must bring your license and it will need to have a Motorcycle endorsement on it.