2013+ GSXR 450 track bike

9 months ago
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2015 AFM class champ up for sale!
the bike has a 2016 motor in it now, but also includes the original motor.
the bike was tripled by way of the cam grind method.
I do have a set of cams to return it to a 600 that are included.
all that would be needed is headers.
the header on the bike now are custom to only pick up the three cylinders producing smoke.
major mods are Ohlins shock, revalved forks, thin head gasket, degreed cams, Woolich flashed ECU, Wolich quick shifter, Woolich race tools.
lots of minor stuff as well.
I like to tinker so there are many one of kind parts on the bike.
captive wheel spacers, improved brake lever guard, ignition key bypass, undertial, battery box, ect....
the paint needs work at the moment but I think anyone would want to make it their own so I'm not going to bump the price for paint.
I can strip the bodywork and get it ready for paint for $300 but thats all I can do for it right now.
It could just run the way it is now.
its just a bit ugly is all
includes an extra set of rims with brake rotors.
The bike is strong out of corners and runs fantastic.
still hold the Thunder Hill 450 lap record.
yes the bike was raced and has been down a few times.
it does however come with a guarantee of being straight.
frame, wheels, and rotors have all been measured by GP Frame and Wheels.