WTT WTS modded RZ 421

over 1 year ago
WTT WTS modded RZ 421
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figured Id try here before I take it apart and store it until I can build it with a different set up when I have the time
yamaha RZ 350
athena top end, motor shipped and built/ went through by wicked motorsports in socal
stroked +4 new crank
athena big bore( no PV's)
34mm flat slides new
wicked motorsports big bore chambers specifically for this motor
heavy duty clutch
WM custom billet intakes
asked builder for motor that will power wheelie in 4th
and he delivered
according to him 80+ hp
this thing is scary fast and will loop you quick but still retains plenty of torque
GSXR 1000 front end
standard FZ/ FZR combo out back
solo seat and cowl
rear sets
non op
been sitting , fires 1st kick, but needs a lot of buttoning up, lost my garage space for it
doubt Ill get anywhere near the $ i put into it, so I guess looking for trade
open to ideas