Wyman Apples old AFM bike-GSXR 1k 07/08

about 1 year ago
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This is Wyman Apples race bike. I bought it and gave it a nice shake down test at Laguna Seca less than two months ago. It had some used slicks and I hadn't ridden a 1k race bike before. Worked with Dave Moss and changed Wyman's settings to get it where I liked it. Did some low 1'40's even with the 2-3 sound booth loss...not slow. The bike felt confident inspiring and I passed some good bikes and had a fun day without pushing very hard. I was short shifting and feeling the bike out.
Ernie AFM199 can vouch for Wyman's stuff.
See youtube clips at the bottom by pictures of the bike. $4800.00 for a good home. 1% for barf of course.
I've since bought another track bike (600) and I have two other bikes also. Wife is starting to get annoyed a little. I want to give this a good home. I have all kinds of spares worth about $1500.00 that will come with the bike...tanks, fairings, wheels, rotors, sprockets, new brake pads, sub frame, fenders, tail pieces, Set of Pirelli's good for one solid trackday easy, wheel chock plus more. Get out and start your trackdays next year or run it in AFM.
2007 gsxr 1000 race bike
2007 gsxr 1000 race bike. I just bought this bike for $5,000 and have put close to another $10,000 into it this season so far. I just purchased the 2017 gsxr 1000 and need the money build it now. Will miss this bike for sure, thing is a ripper. Almost all of these parts were purchased in April and May of this year. Have receipts and documentation for everything.
Frame just checked by gerry at gp frame, we went through and re set geometry on it as well.
Gp suspension fork cartidges just rebuilt at round 3
Penske shock, just rebuilt by fast line 550# spring fastline performance
Engine's head off and top end gone through by fast line recently as well. Valves adjusted, all new gaskets, ($2,000) (Rare thinner head gasket...thanks Ernie)
Dyno tuned for 2 maps. U4.4 and 101 pump gas
Brembo RCS 19 brake master wil galfer superbike lines
brembo RCS 16 clutch master with galfer steel line
Galfer steel rear brake line
Driven rear sets, and clip on's, brake guard, axle blocks
Woodcraft case covers left and right.
Shorai battery
Yoyodynetti subframe.
Rare yoshimura mladin spec full titanium header with m4 carbon fiber silencer.
Bazzaz z/fi with quick shift and traction control, also have bar mounted map switch, traction control dial, and bazzaz traction control traction control light.
Woodcraft keyless ignition.
Flourescent yellow wheels have ceramic bearings ($560 for bearings alone.)
GPR V4 steering damper.
Keyless gas cap (vortex.)
Yoshimura str type r camshafts (R A R E $$$)
There's a ton more, this is a ready to rip race bike. I will include extra brake pads, woodcraft rear sets, sprockets, 2 gas tanks, multiple sets of bodywork, I have a bunch of other stuff for it too.
Bike is fully safety wired for AFM, WERA, CCS specs.
It's was laid down in the bus stop at Sonoma and sustained some body work damage. GP went over the entire bike...all is good
No title, but have a stack of origin paperwork for everything. This was tim Scarrott's race bike before me, he bought it from an insurance auction back in 2008 with bodywork damage. Thus the "non repairable" title.
Oh and I also forgot to mention. This bike just got a brand new oem set of throttle bodies, gear shaft position sensor, both were about $2,000 less than 4 track days old.
Bike also has new water pump also. Forks are 1.0 and 1.5 equaling 1.25 spring rate. Rear shock spring is 550# and 10 mil over stock. It's sprung for racing for sure. Good for 175-190 with gear.