2001 Suzuki SV650S for sale - 1st gen SV - upgraded forks!

over 3 years ago
2001 Suzuki SV650S for sale - 1st gen SV - upgraded forks!
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These are becoming a modern-day classic - 1st-generation (i.e., "curvy), 2001 Suzuki SV650S for sale. These are awesome all-around motorcycles for commuting (around 48 MPG!), weekend canyon carving, and trackdays (it's like the SV was made for Sears Point). There are lots of SV's out there for sale touting "great for new riders". While this one would be great for new riders as well, it also has a few sleeper upgrades on it to make it a true rider's SV650 that an experienced rider can appreciate:
- Race Tech Gold Valve Emulators for front forks (forks were R&R'd at the same time of installation, in August 2014)
- Race Tech Springs (.90) - I'm a 185 lbs. rider
- R6 throttle tube for quicker throttle rate
- Dunlop Q3 tires front & rear with less than 2000 miles on them
- TechSpec Gripster tank grips (snakeskin pattern)
- Targa passenger seat cowl to essentially make it a one-seater and give it a sportier look (stock rear seat and grab handle included, though)
Also, the front & rear sprockets and chain were also replaced last year and have less than 2000 miles on them (stock gearing).
I'm the second owner of this bike, and I bought it with around 5000 miles on it in 2009. Odometer is now at 20,849. First owner lowsided the bike and the bike shows it, but it doesn't look like a total beater either. Fairings and bar ends show the scratches but no dents in the tank. I've dropped the bike twice while stopped on a cross-slope.
I've only taken the bike to the more reputable shops in the Bay Area. Subterranean (when they were around) checked out the bike when I first bought it (gave it a clean bill of health for roadworthiness) and that was the shop I'd take it to for tune-ups. After Subterranean closed, I'd take it to Werkstatt for regular maintenance, and then to Addiction Motors (before they closed and moved to Richmond) when I moved to the east bay. The latest shop was Catalyst Reaction, who changed out the fluids, installed the R6 throttle tube and did the front suspension work (I have the paperwork to go with the work too, since you can't see the emulators from the outside) back in August 2014.
Fork externals look a bit rough - the original owner lived in Pacifica so the bike was exposed to the salty air - but the internals were just overhauled in August. Also, with the Race Tech emulators, the front end is way more compliant than a stock SV. No more pogo-ing around with the front end. Plus, the emulators now make the front forks ADJUSTABLE!
So you can (or a shop can) tailor them to your riding style/needs. Can't say that about a pure-stock SV.
I'm selling this as I'm moving out of the country - otherwise I'd keep it. It runs great - motor runs strong and loves to rev - handles great (it's an SV) and fires up reliably. This would make a great addition to one's collection (1st gen SV's are becoming less common), as a bike to learn with, or use it as a platform for a dedicated track/racing bike.
I'm also including the following if you want them:
- rear seat
- grab bar
- basic front wheel chock mounted onto plywood (pictured with motorcycle)
- aluminum swingarm spools (Pitbull rear-stand NOT included)
- Original SV650 toolkit and owners manual
- PJ1 Chain Lube (full-can) and Plexus cleaner (full-can)
CA registration paid until April 2015. Clean title. Test rides with cash in hand and M1 endorsement only. Otherwise, I'd be happy to ride it to a local motorcycle shop of your choice to have them look over the bike prior to purchase.
PM me if interested or have questions.

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