2006 Suzuki GsxR600 track/race bike

over 2 years ago
2006 Suzuki GsxR600 track/race bike
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2006 Suzuki Gsxr600,
I'm the original owner. Title in hand. Non-op registration. I no longer have the street going parts but with some effort and $ it could be converted back to street form.
-Mileage: 8532 on the clock, l lowered the gearing at about 600mi, so there are a fair bit fewer.
Galfer Superbike front brake lines
Vesrah SRJL pads
Ohlins Cartridges(.95 springs, set for approx 160lb rider w/out gear)
Penske 8987 3-way adjustable shock with piggyback reservoir(525# spring)
Ohlins Fork Cap Exenders
GP suspension compression needles
Ohlins Steering Damper
R6 Throttle tube
New Stomp Grip pads
Woodcraft Rearsets
520 AFAM sprockets(15 front, 46 rear)
NEW DID Gold ERv3 520 chain
BMC air filter
FactoryPro Velocity stacks
FactoryPro shift star
Factory recall front master cylinder performed
Woodcraft case covers
M4 SS full exhaust with Titanium canister(carbon fiber end cap has small scratch in it )
PCV power commander
Cheetah bodywork, that's been repaired and rattlecanned a couple of times.
Drilled and Safety wired for AFM
UK Dunlop slick front (302) with 1/2 trackday on it
UK Dot Dunlop Ntec rear (7704) with 1 full day.
In 2010 the bike endured 2+ AFM race weekends, and in 2013 1/2 of one race. Otherwise its been solely a trackday bike. It's suffered a total of 3 crashes(lowsides) in it's lifetime and after each I had Gerry Piazza check and straighten everything that required it.
Fastline Cycles performed a SuperSport build in 2012 and replaced the cylinder head with a lower mileage specimen while in there. Since then the bike has seen 7-10 trackdays and 1/2 of one race.
I've solely run Motul 300v since SS tune, changing oil every 2-3 days at the track.
At the end of 2012, after riding with a poorly calibrated quickshifter for a day, I began to miss some shifts. In the Winter of 2012 the transmission was replaced with a healthy donor bought from Chidadog here on barf. Not a hiccup since.
That's about it as for the bike's history.
There are a number of cosmetic blemishes but has been well maintained and runs like a top.
Included are some spares and a very few leftover street bits.
6 oem oil filters and crush washers.
Spare rear wheel, 45 tooth sprocket and carrier, cush drive
Spare oem clipons
Spare clutch cable
Steering stem w/lower triple
orig cylinder head with approx 6-7k miles
ram tube
assorted fork springs and oem carts.
Factory Service Manual
There's more that I can't recall at the moment. Will add as they come to mind.
$5500 with Penske shock
$5000 with OEM shock
email me at hughesjeh at yahoo dot com with any questions.
The HM Quickshifter in photos is not included at this price.

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