1985 Yamaha XT600 (49L) Dual Sport - Plated, loads of parts!

almost 3 years ago
1985 Yamaha XT600 (49L) Dual Sport - Plated, loads of parts!
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1985 Yamaha XT600 (49L)
This is it... the XT600, its very much related the bikes that ripped up Dakar... tons of torque, comfy suspension and seating position, and a easy, classic one-kick-start bike.
Mileage: 15,578
Title: Clean, no accidents
Registration: From WA, just registered/plated for CA a few months ago - good through 2016
Accessories/features: LED turn signals, new adjustable brake/clutch levers, new wide footpegs
Not pictured: Original metal skid plate, goes on the bottom of the motor!
$1200 for bike only
$1400 for bike + extras
Why am I selling?
I’m going back to school later this fall and intended on this to be a sweet project bike - hence all the parts and legwork I did in doing my homework. However, I don’t have the time nor the funds to finish what I got myself into and have my hands full with other things. The bike has been garaged by the last owner and by myself as well.
Motor pulls hard! Super light and fun bike to rip around the city with.
With just a week of practice, I can get this bike fired up with one swift kick (kick-start).
The bike isn’t very pretty, but it’s made worse by the prior owner trying to take preemptive measures of preventing the seat from tearing up by covering it up with tape. When we tried to remove the tape, it left some ‘stains’ on the seat, causing it to look much worse than it is. It’s a simple fix, just get it re-wrapped or order a $25 cover off eBay (it wasn’t a priority for me). The Firestone tires are in great shape and are perfect for handling dual-sport, just take a look.
Maintenance History:
Previous owner was using synthetic oil and doing regular oil changes, as well as flushing the brake fluid. I’ve checked out the fluids and they look good.
The bike runs strong and is in pretty great shape, but could use some love - the tach needs a new drive cable which is simple to install and honestly that’s about it. I’d throw some new brake pads on and flush the brake lines again but that’s about all it needs (if you purchase the bike with extras, you’ll have everything you need). Again, the seat is definitely the worst looking part of the bike, but I personally didn’t mind since it attracted less attention around the city, but again - not a hard fix.
If you take the bike with the extras you’re getting brand new Progressive front fork springs, Athena full engine gasket kit (fit for a rebuild), new stainless steel engine bolt set, a Clymer manual I bought new, a hard-to-find original Yamaha XT600 service manual, K&N oil filters, new OEM cam chain, new EBC brake pads…
Pictures (more to follow):
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