2002 kawasaki zx6r

about 2 years ago
2002 kawasaki zx6r
Tank Sports
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Bay Area Riders Forum
South Bay

Its time for me to get at Full Size Truck/Van
good sports car.
Up for ...
is my
2002 ZX6R ,
runs well and rides straight, I bought it some 5 years ago
it has been the lightest,
best handling ,
bike I have ever owned,
and I have owned 7+ bikes and tested/demoed another 30+ bikes.
It has many new parts on it,
as well as nearly $ 3, 000 worth of performance parts/work . so you do not need to spend $ 12,000
on a new sport bike ,
this bike is fast enough for the street or take it to the track.
If you want a new bike,
new looking,
you will have to change the lower fairings, and perhaps a couple of small parts.
the previous owner laid the bike down,
luckily it rides straight and true.
it has
24,500 miles on it ,
so consider it to have 25k miles on it.
I will,
it for a
or newer
3/4 door full size long bed truck,
or a long wheel base full size van with a high top,
2002 or newer car that is a true sports car.
you know a car that can keep up or pass you on your sport bike while going up hwy 9 .
This bike is paid for ,
and runs with bikes 5 times the cost,
so not interested in selling it,
unless you find me a Full Size Truck/Van or Sports car, that I can buy,
then only after buying that,
could I sell the ZX6R,
To be clear,
2002 or newer truck/van/car
for a suburban and other vehicles 2005 or newer )
with a minimum of
225 HP,
( the higher the HP the more likely I would trade with you .
PM me,
and BTW,
I am looking to get into a Truck/Van/Car ...
This Week,
Yes This week,
Wait too long and I will just
keep the ZX6R

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