For the utmost practical and stylish: A Vespa 300 GTS Super

over 2 years ago
For the utmost practical and stylish: A Vespa 300 GTS Super
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My partner and I are contemplating selling our beloved Vespa 300 GTS Super in matte black.
In our short 7 months of ownership, I've carried more people and things on this scoot than all of my previously owned motorcycles combined. Without a doubt, this is the most practical 2-wheeled vehicle I have owned thus far.
I've taken friends and family on two-up adventure down the coast with duffles and backpacks hanging in the legspace and strapped to the back. I've taken a full 3 loads of laundry strapped to the back (including bedding) to the laundromat and back without issue.
Plus, the thing will easily cruise at 75-80mph while returning 60-70mpg. Phenomenal.
Why are we selling it? Well, we just don't use it that much anymore. I recently built up another bicycle and I'm focusing on using that more and more around town. For longer trips, I just suck up the gas economy and traffic and hit the road in my camry.
Year: 2012
Model: Vespa 300 GTS Super
Miles: 8000
Maintenance: Belt and roller change done in the last 300 miles.
Needs: Oil change in 500 miles and hi-beam bulb replaced (I'll likely do these myself).
Blemishes: Previous owner tipped it over on the right side and my partner tipped it over onto its left side. Cosmetic scratches ensued. Adds character.
Price: $4250

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