1999 Naked Yamaha R1

10 months ago
1999 Naked Yamaha R1
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Bay Area Riders Forum
Hoon Mountain

It's about that time.
Thinning the herd, can't let myself leave bikes sitting for too long. They deserve to be ridden.
Things about the bike:
Built by a fellow BARF'er a few years back.
Tons of little custom bits here and there (3d printed under tray to name a nifty one)
The amazings:
Racetech rear shock
Billet Alum veloicty stacks (with sorted carbs)
MIG Exhaust - Sounds amazing
Pristine stock exhaust for stealth hoons
Monster torque
The "meh"
Could use a new chain sooner or later, someone did a 520 conversion with Alum sprockets
Front forks could use an oil change
I will be gone from 4/10-4/13, if you need the bike before then we can coordinate with my brother and he can show/sell the bike while I am away.
PM me.

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