2001 Yamaha YZF-R1 "The First Gen" Super Low Miles

over 1 year ago
Cafe Racer
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When I hear that a bike has super low miles I always think of ...
- Has it never been ridden and maintained?
- It must have been sitting outside and corroded away in the SF Bay Area fog
- Of course, it was dropped at 5mph on the driveway.
- Maybe its spent all of its low mileage on the track.
- Possibly its been mod'ed out with the RevZilla, Amazon, BikeBandit,MotoSuperstore, eBay parts...
Okay, fair enough.
But this bike is not like that.
I have a bike here that is as follows:
2001 Yamaha R1
6500 street miles (appx)
The bike has a Yosh Slip-On and an aftermarket undertail.
It also has the rear seat cowling for the Lone Wolves.
And it has the rear seat for the lovers.
Recently did basic maintenance service and installed a new battery.
No crashes.
No drops on the driveway.
No scratches
No blown engine or leaks
No electrical issues
The bike was purchased by my friend.
Ridden for awhile and then on rare occasions.
Motorcycles are just not his thing.
Its Blue color.
Not the limited edition bike.
Its got carbs.
It doesn't have ABS.
It doesn't have traction control.
And it definitely doesn't have wheelie control.
The bike starts perfectly and it runs very strong.
This is a raw and powerful sportbike.
Quite frankly, I want to own this bike.
I just can't do it right now.
More pics shortly.
Is there interest in something like this?