For Trade: Adidas Yeezy Oxford Tan (size

over 2 years ago
For Trade: Adidas Yeezy Oxford Tan (size
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Hey sneaker heads,
Looking to possibly trade my pair of Yeezy Oxford Tans in exchange for some heat.
I just got my Yeezy Oxford Tans (size 9.5) from but unfortunately didn't realize they run a little big (shoes are 100% deadstock with OG everything). I'm comfortable just putting in an extra sole and rocking the heck out of them unless someone makes me an offer I can't refuse. I'm really only looking for other Yeezys (size 9 for Adidas or 9.5 for Nike)
In particular if anyone has a pair of Yeezy 2 Plats in size 9.5 (used condition is fine), I can add cash and other shoes. For example, I have a deadstock pair of Jordan V Supremes in Camo (size 9.5) and a deadstock pair of Air Jordan 11 Breds (size 9.5.) as well as a used pair of Jordan 1 Royals (size 9.5) and/or cash. Let me know if you have a pair and are interested in trading.
Will not respond to offers of a bunch of general release shoes or the like. Let me know if you have any questions.