Casio G-Shock DW-5025D - Kung mod - $120

over 3 years ago
Casio G-Shock DW-5025D - Kung mod - $120
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Hello everyone,
Up for sale is my G-Shock DW-5025D, modded by kung-fusion as documented in this thread: DW-5025D gold mod
Alas, the pictures are gone from the thread, so I'll post a couple of my own to start with and get some better ones on this evening. I purchased this watch from kung-fusion on eBay about two weeks ago. It's an excellent watch in great condition, but I'm finding that the gold tones of it just don't suit me as well as I thought they would. I've worn it about half a dozen times to this point. I find myself needing to pare down some of my collections as of late, and I'd like to fund a potential DW-5000SP/DW-5000-1JF/DW-5030-1JR if/when one comes along, so I'll have to bid this one adieu.
To reiterate the information from the thread, it's a DW-5025D 25th anniversary model modded by kung-fusion. The gold plating was removed from the caseback and the stainless steel polished. The resin was replaced with DW-5600E resin in black/white, keeping the gold buckle, and is in very good condition. The LCD was replaced with the DW-5600EG gold tinted version. The buttons and bezel screws are gold plated as well. I'll post the two pictures that I have readily available, and I'll get some additional ones up this evening if needed.
As this is my first sale on here, I'd like to keep it CONUS because of that and the item value. Priced at $120. CONUS USPS Priority Mail with tracking included in the price.