Chr. Ward C7 Rapide (6-9-12 Dial) and KW88 Smart watch combo $300.00 for the PAIR!

about 1 year ago
Available on
Rubber City, Ohio

First off, I have a black dial Ward C7 with the more desirable 6-9-12 sub dials. Really nice 22mm pilot stye strap and oem bracelet included. Box, papers and still under warranty. 42mm speedy style grab and go chrono in perfect working order and in 90%+ condition.
Also, KW88 Smart watch..
My wife was bugging me to get a smart watch... did some reading... I was
being cheap and didn't want to spend the money on an apple because...
as suspected, I wouldn't use it. That was the case. Charged it up played
with it a bit. The features and colors are ABSOLUTELY DYNAMIC. I also
love that it looks like a pretty normal watch and isn't too massive at
47mm. All the features of a smart watch and a fit bit. Step tracker,
heart rate monitor, send and receive texts/emails, James bond style
camera use a browser...etc... Complete as the day I got it but its here
in the States so you won't wait the 3 weeks to get it that I did. This
is the all black version. A simple google search will give you a
magnitude of good reviews. Seems like the only downside mentioned is if
you are using it nonstop the battery life isn't great... which seems
that case with most smart watches!
Works with IOS and Android both.
A complete steal at $300.00 for the pair. I don't want to separate the lot. No trades please.