Di-Modell straps; forum favorites: Chronissimo, Rallye plus the Shark FS Deployant, Icarus, Off-Road

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Straps by Di-Modell, Germany
Authorized seller of Di-Modell and Noble House straps since 2004 and the FIRST to advertise this brand on the Sales Corner
Di-Modell Germany provides hand crafted straps and has been producing and marketing watch straps for over 30 years. They are a top tier supplier in this industry and boast a motto of perfection is our passion.
All their straps are of superior craftsmanship and include such features as: a patented aero/anti-allergic lining, stitched keepers, nickel free gold plated buckles, reinforced spring bar holdings and loop anchor protection to keep the stitched keepers from drifting.
The patented AERO Lining is guaranteed sweat resistant with a porous inner lining and a humidity layer.
All of their straps are water resistant, some down to 100m.
As with all the Di-Modell straps and as anyone who has purchased these straps know, the quality of these straps are unequaled.
Noble House Stirling
MSRP = $302.00 Forum price $229.00
Genuine Louisiana Large Grain Alligator with alligator lining.
18x16 Black and Brown; 20x18 (78x115) Black, Brown, Gold Brown;
22x18 (80x120) Black, Brown, Gold Brown matte finish.
Perfect square grain cuts, loop anchor and 6.2mm thick at the lugs.
This is one of Di-Modells best.
Alligator Louisiana
Square grain - High quality large scale center (vertical) cut alligator skin in classic design and colors with the patented AERO Lining and loop anchor protection.
Available in 18, 19 & 20 & 22 in black, brown, honey and blue.
available in matching or contrasting stitch, too!
Gold plated buckles available on request.
Square Grain Price: MSRP $225.95.
Forum Price $169.00.
Alligator Louisiana
Exotic grain - same as above but cuts from the flank, sides, or horizontal cuts.
Exotic Grain Price:
MSRP $225.95.
Forum Price $109.00.
Thickness (approx): 4.80mm
70x110 NEW SHORT (matching stitch, even sizes only,)
22x18, 20x18, 19x18, 18x16
Matching stitch;
20, 22
18, 19, 20, 22
Dark Honey: 20, 22
Navy Blue 19, 20, 22
Contrast Stitch
19, 20, 22
19, 20, 22
Dark Honey: 20, 22
Navy Blue 19, 20, 22
NEW Kensington matte genuine croc 20x14 Specifically made for dress watches, Pateks. currently available in 20x14 black or brown, 2.8mm thick, circular grain, matching stitch, 78x118. Suggest retail Euro110 ($125). Forum price $99
New Nevada Vintage appearance
Fashionable 'Vintage' with an eye catching stitching and skin friendly synthetic lining material. Fashionable 'Vintage' leather in d-brown, m-brown and black,. 20 & 22mm. $35.00
New Avus racing Style
Leather Racing holes. 37.50
22 black
The Chronissimo and Rallye.
Chronissimo Waterproof
This has been one of Di-Modells top sellers since I introduced this strap back in 2004!
This is a chrono/pilot strap I purchased originally with Sinn owners in mind, but now they are used on just about everything, even Rolex.
Special lengths, 100m waterproof and loop anchor.
The Chronissimo and Rallye.
Measuring the Chronissimo
US$91.95 Forum Price only $77.50 with free WORLDWIDE*shipping & spring bar tool
*see chart below
How to order send me a Paypal directly for 77.50, cut and paste the following email address and your strap selection in the appropriate fields and submit.
Black with white stitch
Chronissimo 20Short
Chronissimo 22Short
Chronissimo 18Regular
Chronissimo 20Regular
Chronissimo 22Regular
Chronissimo 24Regular
Black with Red or Brown with White
Chronissimo 20Regular
Chronissimo 22Regular
Lengths: regular 85x120, short 75x115, thickness at lugs 7.25mm
Id like to know where you saw the ad so mention TZ, WN
Thickness (approx): 7.00mm
Lengths: Short 75x115, Regular 85x120
Buckle: 24x20, 22x20, 20x20, 18x18
Deployant Recommendation: you should use a single fold, see Axel Jost DF5 in SS or PVD or Df3 or my Freda brand.
Rallye Waterproof Racing
Sporty perforated calfskin, double tang buckle, 100mm waterproof, loop anchor.
18, 20mm and 22mm black.
now available in Red (new), White(new) or In tone stitch
MSRP US$49.95. Forum (Paypal Direct) Price $43.95
Thickness (approx): 3.70mm
- 2.0mm
Jumbo KM
Leather stitched thick strap with a rounded point.
Available in Navy Blue, Black and Honey in sizes 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26MM
This is an 80x120 strap that is 5.75 thick at the lugs and tapers to a 3.35mm.
Buckle size = subtract 2mm.
MSRP Price $34.95. Forum Price $32.50
All colors and sizes in stock
5.25mm (lugs only)
26x20, 24x20, 22x20, 20x18, 18x18
Venezuela MSRP = $68.95 (forum paypal price $57.95, overstock sale $44.95).
Same a top quality large scale alligator as the Noblissimo, riveted in a pilot style strap.
Available in 20, 22, 24mm black, brown and medium brown, taper to 20mm but the wide buckle gives it the appearance on a non tapered strap.
Length: 80x120
Sizes: 20x20, 22x20, 24x20
Bali Chrono
MSRP = $45.95 (forum paypal price $42.95,).
Top quality large scale alligator grain, take a look at the close up for finer details.
Available in 20 black, brown and golden brown and 22mm dark brown, golden brown
22mm x 20mm and 20mm x 20mm
Colorado-CLEARANCE MSRP = $19.95.
Silicone material with double stitch in White, Beige, Orange, Red
Clearance $12
20mm black/off white
22mm black/white
22mm black/ off white
A stainless steel buckle will be provided with every straps regardless of what is put on at the factory (in pictures below).
MSRP = $54.95 (forum paypal price $49.95).
High quality leather with silicone liner, riveted.
Available in 20, 22, 24mm black, dark brown and cognac.
Length: 77 x 117
20x20, 22x20
Off Road
MSRP = $60.95 (forum paypal price $48.95).
High quality leather, black leather liner, special buckle and steel keeper.
Available in 20, 22 black and tan (red brown)
20x20, 22x20, 24x20
MSRP = $54.95 (forum paypal price $46.95).
Chronissimo style leather strap
Available in 20, 22 and 24mm dark brown and 24mm black.
Length: 85x120
Imperator Waterproof
A classic calfskin in Louisiana Alligator Grain top leather.
100mm waterproof, special longer length for Chronographs, and patented AERO lining, and loop anchor.
Available in 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm & 24mm in black, brown, honey and blue and 18 & 20 dark green.
MSRP 78.95 [B]Forum Price $59.95[/B]
Thickness (approx): 5.70mm
- 2.0mm (22 tapers to an 18mm)
Anfibio Polo Waterproof
This is just a beautiful strap, heavily padded cowhide leather that is Breitling Style, 100m waterproof, AERO lined and has the loop anchor system.
Sizes are 18x18, 20x18, 22x18 & 24mm in black and medium brown.
MSRP US$70.95
Forum (Paypal) Price $59.95
Thickness (approx): 5.35mm
Natural leather with a sporty appearance, contrasting stitch, AERO lining and loop anchor.
Available in 18, 20 and 22mm in black and medium brown.
MSRP US57.95
Forum Price(Paypal)
Thickness (approx): 5.25mm
- 2.0mm (22mm tapers to 18mm)
Tornado - Exceptional sporty calfskin pilots strap with an adjustable length of up to 230mm. Nicely designed NATO style with lots of hardware.
Available in black (with dark brown undertone if held in the right light).
Overstock Special on 18mms $25 off
In stock now: 18mm, 20mm ,22mm
MSRP: US$111.75 Forum (Paypal) Price $69.95
Carbon Chrono FS Waterproof
This is a carbon pattern with calfskin lining, heavy deployant buckle with security lock, AERO lining and 100mm waterproof.
Also available in a multitude of colors & sizes and here they are:
18mm, 20mm & 22mm black.
MSRP 49.90,
US$72.95Forum (Paypal) Price $59.95
Thickness (approx): 4.80mm
Note how the end of the strap stays on the inside instead of the outside.
This is the same carbon pattern outer layer as the Carbon Chrono above with a calfskin lining, standard sport tang buckle & loop anchor.
MSRP 26.90. US$39.95 Forum (Paypal) Price $35.95
Available in black, dark blue 18mm, 20mm & 22mm.
Thickness (approx): 5.70mm
22x18, 20x18, 18x16
Oregon Hand-stitched- very nice classic looking strap that would look great on a dress or chrono, vegetable tanned saddle leather, hand stitched, AERO lined & loop anchor. 18, 20, 22 & 24 in black, brown and light brown and in long black & brown 18-22 (even).
MSRP 27.90, US$50.95 . Forum Price $39.95
** add $3 for Long straps
Thickness (approx): 4.70mm
- 2.0mm
Exotic Skins
Crocodile Chrono Matte
Genuine crocodile, Chrono style strap matte finish, AERO lined, loop anchor protected. Suggest retail Euro 92 ($103). Forum price $79.00
Black 18, 22
Brown 18, 20, 22
Dark Honey 18, 20, 22
Thickness (approx): 5.30mm
Sizes: 22x18, 20x18, 19x18, 18x18.
Crocodile Stitched
Genuine crocodile, light pad with a glossy finish, perfect for dress watches.
AERO lined, loop anchor protected. Suggest retail Euro 92 ($103). Forum price $79.00
18, 19
18, 19, 20
Dark Honey 18, 22
Black, Brown, & Honey 18mm, 19mm, 20mm & 22mm available and in long 18 & 20 in black & brown.
Ladies Sizes: 12 & 14mm brown
Thickness (approx): 3.70mm
- 2.0mm (19mm & 22mm taper to 18mm)
Genuine Ostrich Stitched
Genuine Ostrich, AERO lined, loop anchor protected. Reddish Brown. MSRP: $85.95 Forum Price: $64.95
18mm Red brown, 18mm Maize
Thickness (approx): 4.00mm
- 2.0mm
Teju Chrono Genuine Teju Lizard in a padded Chrono design strap, AERO Lining & loop anchor.
$94.95 Forum Price:
18, 20
Brown: 18, 20
Dark Honey: 18, 20
Thickness (approx): 4.90mm
- 2.0mm (except 16 & 18mm, no taper)
Shark - Shark leather with a sporty design, 100m waterproof, AERO lined, loop anchor, matte appearance, padded, contrasting stitch.
MSRP $62.95 Forum Price $54.95
18, 20, 22
Brown: 22
Thickness (approx): 5.00mm
- 2.0mm (22mm tapers to 18mm)
Teju Stitched - Genuine Teju strap in a classic stitched design, great for vintage and
dress watches AERO lined, loop anchor, light/medium pad.
Black & Brown in 18 & 20mm. MSRP $85.95. Forum Price
Thickness (approx): 3.00mm
- 2.0mm
Lizard Stitched - Same characteristics as the Teju Stitched but in Java Lizard. AERO lined, loop anchor, light/medium pad.
MSRP $65.95 Forum Price
Mens: 16. 17. 18. 19 & 20 in Black, Brown.
18mm in Honey & Cordovan.,
Thickness (approx): 3.20mm
- 2.0mm (19mm
tapers to 18mm)
Leathers, sport & waterproof
Kalb Stitched/Classic Waterproof - Elegant calfskin with AERO lining, loop anchor and available in LONG.
Available in 12
20 even sizes in black, brown, med brow, Bordeaux and navy blue.
Also in 19 (IWC owners, take note) 22 black & brown and long in 18, 20 black & brown.
MSRP $49.95.
One of DMs premium straps. Forum Price $42.95
Longs available in stitched version, add $3.
The Classic is an unstitched strap.
Thickness (approx): 3.4mm
- 2.0mm
Silicone Dive Straps
Panerai style
Soft, flexible rubber dive strap with a Panerai style appearance.
Available in 20x18, 22x20 and 24x22. $19.50
75mmx120mm, height 5mm
Return Policy
Returns allowed as long as the following conditions are met (non warranty returns):
1. straps can not be worn or tried on (it puts a bend in the strap and cant be sold as new)
2. tags still attached and packaging intact
3. must be exactly as sold.
Please take all measurements before attempting to mount the strap.
Shipping Charges: updated January 2017
Inside the U.S. -
Orders over $50.00 and paid directly through PayPal are free 1st class with delivery confirmation.
1st Class with delivery confirmation..$2.60
Priority Small Package (smaller mailboxes)..$7.00
Express Mail Flat Rate..$22.50(includes $100 in insurance)
Outside the U.S.
Airmail, no insurance or tracking...$16.00 See Comments Below***
Includes E-delivery confirmation to:
Great Britain & Northern Ireland
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
Priority 4-6 days, no insurance or tracking.$35.00 See Comments Below***
Global Express w $100 ins. & tracking..$62.50
Important notes/terms of sale
The postal system around the world generally does an outstanding job; my experience has been a worldwide delivery rate over 99%.
I provide (reasonable) evidence of shipment.
***If you are concerned about in transit loss, and not in an E-delivery Confirmation country.please select a secured or insured method as the terms are FOB shipping point, seller is not responsible.
Items insured must have a visible declared value equal to the amount of insurance coverage.
Please contact or paypal me at fredawatchstraps@comcast.net.
Thanks for looking.
Thanks, Kenny
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