OT: Breitling Chrono Avenger M1 E73360

about 1 year ago
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Sydney, Australia and Wiltshire, UK

Selling my Breitling M1 Chronograph, bought here earlier this year. Box is a Breitling for Bentley box; papers are included but the model number is incorrectly recorded and the the serial number is not shown, so they shouldn't be relied on for warranty purposes. It's on the OEM Breitling 22mm Ocean Racer rubber strap and I'll also include a lightly used Phoenix 22m Admiralty Grey NATO.This model has the 251.232 HEQ thermo-compensated centre-minute chronograph movement which is super accurate - mine is running at about +1 sec/month. It's a very sophisticated movement - the chromo hands can be advanced to allow it to be used as a countdown timer; it has a split lap timing function; the chromo minute hand jumps as the seconds hand passes the 12, for maximum legibility, and the hour hand is quickset, which is perfect for travel. It's quite a big watch - about 43-44m - but being titanium, very light, so it doesn't feel bulky and the display is super legible.
Practically any other chronograph is much less easy to read at a glance. It is also one of the very few chronographs which can be safely operated underwater, thanks to the unique magnetic push piece design.I bought the watch to try and in the hope that I could release a bit of cash by keeping it and flipping my Fortis B-42 Cosmonaut Chronograph LE with the Lemania 5100 movement.The trouble is that, after 8 years of the Fortis, I couldn't bear to let it go, so I'm putting the Breitling up for sale.It came with the "regatta" style black dial (with the 10-5-0 countdown markers - see photo) but I have since had a grey dial fitted (as per the other photos) which I prefer for the 1/100th hour markers on the chapter ring, rather than the useless 360˚markers on the black dial. Both dials are included in the sale.
Looking for 1495 or US $2000 cash, plus shipping, or trade (cash adjustment where appropriate) against Omega X-33 Generation 2; Speedy Pro, Omega SM300 (the WatchCo sword hand type), Sinn EZM1, or a CWC Diver. Can do FTF in Sydney, London or SE/SW England. Might be able to do a FTF in Los Angeles in early October.
As bought - black dial included in sale (not currently fitted) - now fitted with the grey dial as per the head only shot.
Now fitted with the Breitling M1 Grey Dial - note the 1/100ths chapter ring markers - rather more useful for timing purposes than the original 360˚ compass markers.