Casio AMW-320C (Kindergarten Cop Watch)

11 months ago
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I found this gem in a drawer while cleaning this morning. I had completely forgot that I bought this during a phase I went through where I bought affordable to semi-affordable watches from movies. This is the same watch that Arnold wore in Kindergarten Cop and is super affordable at only $25 shipped CONUS (PayPal). The main hands don't appear to be working and the seconds hand is missing(how I bought it) but the smaller digital read-out works and the alarm works as well. It might be an easy fix I don't know since I haven't really opened it up or done much research on the topic. Hurry and grab this piece before I decide to keep it and fix it up.
Also if you have a trade, let me know. I don't mind adding cash if you have a nice 21mm leather strap or something else you're looking to move.