H2O Orca Polished - Blue dial w/bracelet

10 months ago
Deep Blue
Available on

I am on the fence about selling this one, so snag it before I change my mind.
It is 6 months old.
Blue sunburst sandwich dial
ETA 2892 movt
Bracelet + 3 straps
BWG9 lume
Sapphire bezel insert
Domed crystal
This one is in excellent condition.
A mark here and there on the polished bracelet links, but no dents or dings anywhere.
The strap buckle is missing a screw.
I contacted Clemens about it, and he basically told me to pound sand, so not sure if you will have better luck.
The extra bracelet links are also missing an end cap.
Only one of the leather straps was used, but you can't really even tell.
I am looking for $900 via paypal only shipped in the US.
I will ship elsewhere if we share in the shipping and ins costs.
Plenty of great feedback here.